Teas are popularly known as natural remedies that can be used to treat a variety of health conditions, including digestive discomfort and nervousness. However, there are some teas that should not be taken by babies or during the period of pregnancy.

Tea only after six months

The baby can, yes, have tea, as long as the exclusive breastfeeding period is respected. When the newborn cries and squirms with cramps, it’s common for moms to think about giving fennel tea as soon as possible, but it’s necessary to talk to the pediatrician first.

Breast milk is the best option for the baby, and, until the age of six months, the ideal is not to offer anything else. The newborn’s stomach is very small and, if he drinks tea instead of one of the feedings, he will fill his belly and will no longer absorb the nutrients and vitamins present in breast milk, which are very important for the baby’s development.

In addition, the baby may be allergic to the components of the tea and there is no evidence that teas reduce colic. To alleviate the newborn’s colic, some tips are massage, warm compresses, bicycle movements with his little legs and belly to belly.

Therefore, the tea should only be offered to the baby after six months, when the menu becomes diversified by medical advice.

Care when offering baby showers

From the moment other foods, such as fruits and soups, are incorporated into the baby’s diet, liquids should be offered, especially in times of extreme heat or dry weather. Pure water should be a priority, but occasionally room temperature tea may also be offered to hydrate the baby.

The tip is to offer the drink without sweetening and in small spoons. When preparing the tea, it is important to give preference to fresh and organic herbs, boil the filtered water, leave the herb in hot water (with the fire already off) for 3 to 5 minutes, strain and let it cool before giving it to the baby.

The lighter teas, prepared with herbs known to be safe and that do not cause any side effects are the most suitable: mint, chamomile and fennel are the best options. Teas made with stimulant or rich plants and caffeine should not be used! Remember to consult your pediatrician before making changes to your baby’s menu.