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Blue tea – Full of benefits and slims down

by Dianna Leon

Also known as oolong , blue tea is somewhere between green and red tea due to the semi-fermentation process. Originally from China, this drink has an aroma, flavor and medicinal properties that are different from existing tea varieties.

Tea is in great prominence today, as it has an excellent reputation among experts who use teas as medical treatments. Coming from regions like Taiwan and China, it has always been used as a slimming drink, bringing a healthy solution for those who want to lose weight without haste.

Benefits and properties of blue tea

Blue tea is very effectively used to burn fat and speed up metabolism, making it excellent for those looking to lose weight. Furthermore, it helps in preventing cancerous diseases and the development of heart disease. It also increases the body’s defenses, prevents aging, improves skin quality, stimulates the proper functioning of the liver, helps to control high cholesterol, reduce the level of triglycerides in the blood, treat diarrhea, prevent cavities and problems in the mouth and prevents the development of degenerative diseases. Powerful antioxidant, tea consumption is indicated as a good habit to prevent various types of cancer and increase the body’s defenses in a natural way.

Weight loss

Studies carried out at a university in Colorado, United States, revealed that tea is effective in weight loss due to the large amount of antioxidants, even higher than in green tea. In addition, tea burns fat as it stimulates the body and acts as a diuretic, eliminating fluids.

How to prepare tea?

Tea can be brewed with the ratio of one teaspoon of blue tea leaves to every cup of water. To increase its effectiveness, prepare the infusion with clay kettles and mineral water at a temperature between 90° and 100°. After boiling, let stand for three minutes, strain and drink. Do not allow it to exceed three minutes, as this tea oxidizes very quickly.

How to consume?

The tea must be taken twice a day to ensure the effect of its medicinal properties. Try to consume a cup, an hour before or after two main meals.

Contraindications and side effects

Although it has no known side effects, the tea should be avoided by children and pregnant women, as it has caffeine, just like most teas.

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