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Caralluma tea – Benefits and Slimming

by Dianna Leon

With each passing year, the number of gyms in Brazil increases, as well as the percentage of the population that is overweight. The number of gyms did not grow because of the healthy amount of the population, but because of the need that a large part of it has to become healthy. With the search for a comfortable lifestyle, people spend several hours between work and study, a few hours for sleep and few minutes for eating. So eat a fast food, canned or pre-cooked food turns out to be much more practical than preparing a healthy meal and consuming it properly. It is necessary to be aware that good nutrition is the basis of everything! But for those who are already overweight, natural products are excellent options, especially caralluma, if you want to change your diet and lose weight quickly and healthy.

Benefits of the slimming plant

With the scientific name of Caralluma fimbriata , the medicinal plant is also known as karallamu and shindala makadi. Caralluma is a substance extracted from the cactus and has had its benefits scientifically proven in India, where it has been consumed for centuries to provide energy and satisfy hunger. It is becoming popular in Brazil precisely because it has a mechanism that consists of blocking the production of fat and inhibiting appetite, thus treating obesity and binge eating. By blocking the production of fat, the body is still forced to burn the existing ones, forcing weight loss. According to nutritionists it is possible to lose up to 3 kg per week consuming caralluma together with an adequate and balanced diet.

Redoubled attention to consumption!

Caralluma should be consumed with caution by diabetics. Although it is a natural treatment, it is still medicinal, and for this reason it needs medical supervision and guidance. In fact, caralluma is only found in compounding pharmacies, and sold only with a prescription from a herbalist, nutrition specialist or endocrinologist.

Daily consume up to 30 mg capsules one hour before lunch or dinner. People with sensitive stomachs, who suffer from ulcers or gastritis may have stomach irritations. Consume plenty of water during caralluma treatment to prevent fluid retention and remember: it is powerful but not miraculous. Without a proper diet, the treatment will not have the desired effect. If you have the willpower and a few free minutes a day, it’s worth investing in a morning walk, which can later evolve into a run with the dog, or even that enrollment in the gym you’ve been promising yourself for months.

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