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Chamomile tea for anxiety

by Dianna Leon

Anxiety is an emotional state resulting from stress, tiredness, irritability, lifestyle and many other factors. It can cause problems in love relationships, between family and friends, in addition to bringing problems in studies, work and even health, as in response many people start eating more, or even stop eating, reaching obesity, lack of nutrients, stomach problems and several other problems.

The symptoms

The main symptoms that affect those who suffer from anxiety are worries, tensions, exaggerated fears that prevent the person from relaxing, continuous feeling that something bad is going to happen, exaggerated concerns about health, money, family or work, extreme fear of some object or a particular situation, exaggerated fear of being publicly humiliated, lack of control over thoughts, images or attitudes that are repeated independently of one’s will, dread after a very difficult situation, among others.

Tips to End Anxiety

  • Exercise, as this helps release endorphins, a wellness-related substance that changes not only the body but the mind as well. With this, added or not to medications, you will be able to control anxiety.
  • Improve your diet, as eating foods that are difficult to digest can lead to a bad mood. Eating well is essential, as anxiety for some people eliminates hunger, bringing lack of nutrients, or even increases the desire to eat, making excessive eating present in your life, usually made up of junk food and sweets.
  • Sleeping well is another way to reduce anxiety, and this will come from exercising and eating well. If you still have difficulty sleeping, try yoga techniques or breathing exercises. Drinking a glass of milk before bedtime can help bring sleep and improve its quality.
  • Improve your breathing, always pulling air through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Try breathing exercises for about 10 minutes of your day. Another technique you can use to relax is to lie down with your knees bent and the heels of your foot on the floor. Inhale slowly and count to 5, letting it out slowly. This will help keep your mind free of trouble.

chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a natural tranquilizer, and with the association of other ingredients, it can help control the urge to eat that normally accompanies anxiety. Below, we will teach the preparation of a chamomile tea that can help those who suffer from anxiety symptoms and cravings.

chamomile tea with apple

To prepare this tea, use 1 small apple, 1 chamomile tea bag and 400 ml of water. In a container, cut the apple into pieces with the skin, and add the water. Bring to the fire and allow to come to a boil, leaving it for approximately 15 minutes on the fire. Then turn off and add the sachet, leaving for another 5 minutes. Remove the sachet and apple and then consume.

Consumption is indicated in an amount of up to four cups a day, totaling approximately 600 ml. Consume throughout the day, as this will keep anxiety at bay throughout its entirety.


No contraindications were found for chamomile with apple tea.

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