Cinnamon tea is a natural drink that serves for various homeopathic treatments and is also very good for the body. But despite being something so healthy, the consumption of the herb can harm pregnancy.

Pregnant women need to pay more attention to everything they consume. And it is also necessary to be attentive, even to the natural things that are ingested.

Cinnamon tea is widely used thanks to its slimming power. But the thermogenic effect responsible for weight loss can also raise blood pressure, which harms pregnancy.

Typically, women who are pregnant are more likely to experience spikes in blood pressure. Ingestion of the herb can further aggravate this problem and lead the pregnant woman to suffer from miscarriage or fetal malformation.

Aside from pressure problems, consumption of cinnamon tea can also cause uterine contractions and bleeding, further increasing the chances of losing the fetus.

If there is no abortion, when the woman consumes cinnamon tea during pregnancy, the chances of her child being born with attention deficit problems, aggressive behavior and hyperactivity are even greater.

According to a study published in the  American Journal of Epidemiology, cinnamon has properties that directly affect children’s neurological systems.

Those who are not going through the pregnancy process can normally consume the drink. Cinnamon tea is recommended to help and treat health problems such as the flu, colds, infections, controls cholesterol and insulin, and fights free radicals.

The thermogenic action of the drink is responsible for speeding up metabolism, which helps make the body burn fat. Therefore, cinnamon tea is constantly used for those who want to lose weight.