People who have type 2 diabetes, unlike type 1, produce insulin, but the body acquires resistance to the hormone. One way to control this type of disease is through the consumption of cinnamon tea.In addition to being a great ingredient to reduce symptoms, cinnamon is also quite versatile and can be used on top of foods such as porridge or added to beverages such as milk, coffee and tea.

Although cinnamon helps control blood sugar levels, it should not replace medicine given by a specialist. The ideal is to combine the two treatments.

The ingredient is capable of controlling blood sugar levels and even blood pressure. Even cinnamon keeps them low for a while after it’s consumed.

Cinnamon has molecules, called polyphenolic polymers, which stimulate the body to produce more insulin, making it ideal for those who have difficulty in producing it naturally.

In addition to helping to prevent and control diabetes, cinnamon also treats respiratory tract infections, fights cholesterol, stimulates cognitive function and memory, has an anticoagulant effect, among many others.

Use of Cinnamon for Diabetes

When using cinnamon tea for the treatment of diabetes, it is recommended to add 1 teaspoon (coffee) of the ingredient in a glass of milk or on top of some food. You can also prepare a tea made from cinnamon stick or mix the drink with other teas.


Cinnamon tea is not indicated for gestational diabetes, as the drink can lead to uterine contraction and harm the health of the fetus.