Content production process

Aiming to clarify the doubts of our audience, we create daily articles about alternative treatments for diseases, therapeutic teas and natural recipes. All this so that our visitors can take care of their health and beauty at the same time. And of course, through natural and effective procedures. But to achieve these results, we use a production system that involves commitment, references and creativity on the part of the team.

Content Production Steps

  • Choice of theme: The first phase of this process is the selection of themes that will be sent to the editors. In this regard, the content management team begins to look for the most important topics of the moment through health professionals. In addition, our work group carries out a rescue of media issues that are highlighted and makes an internal curation with our readership, always interacting through our social networks and email.
  • Delivery of guidelines:  After selecting the most important topics, the content management team sends the guidelines to the editors. Now it’s the journalists’ turn to produce the texts that are forwarded according to the specialties of each professional
  • Text production: From this, our editors start the production process, which consists of three steps. The first one is the search for health professionals related to the topic discussed. Then, it’s time to consult books and scientific research, two alternative sources for the development of texts. Finally, the construction of articles, always aiming at authority in the subjects worked on
  • Completion of work:  After the activity carried out by the team of editors, our editor-in-chief is responsible for correcting the texts. In this process, photos and videos are added to the text. Also in this phase, infographics are created to illustrate the matter. All this to make the content even more accessible, practical and informative for the readership
  • Post on air:  Once all steps are completed, the texts are available for public access on any digital device.

Even with all this production scheme, the work doesn’t end when we finish a text. At Tea Alamanac, the entire team of journalists is always updating the more than one thousand texts published, always accompanied by health professionals and the opinion of our readership. Thus, we are able to offer an informative, clear, safe and practical experience to visitors.


ATTENTION: Our content is for informational purposes only. Every procedure must be accompanied by a doctor or even dictated by this professional.