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Corn hair tea : Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon
corn hair tea

Anywhere in the country, for people of all ages, corn is one of the most popular foods in Brazil. This is because, in addition to being a delicious food, it is highly nutritious. Another positive point that makes it so widespread is its practicality, as it can be consumed simply in the kitchen or can be used to prepare many other foods, such as traditional hominy and pamonha, in addition to cakes, cookies flour.

When preparing it, however, many people use the grain and end up throwing the rest of the corn – its hair and cover – in the trash. What these people do not know is that the nutritional values ​​of corn are not only found in its grains but are still in large amounts in the hair, which is considered by many to be a “sustainable” food, as it allows it to be used and reused in different ways…


What are the corn hair benefits?

Corn hair tea is a great opportunity for those looking to lose weight. The human body tends to retain fluids due to poor physical and eating habits, which leaves the person feeling bloated and overweight. Regular tea consumption reduces this retention and, when combined with a regulated aerobic routine and a balanced diet, allows you to eliminate up to 3 kg per week.

It is also effective in combating urinary tract and/or kidney infections, detoxifies the body, cleanses the blood, and helps treat heart disorders. In fact, the benefits of corn hair arising from the frequent consumption of corn hair are many and should be considered when choosing a tea to call your own.

Remember: each organism is unique and reacts differently, so always consult your doctor to find out if the use of this tea can help your case.

Making corn hair tea

When buying corn on the cob, remove your hair, wash it well under running water and then let it dry in the sun. When they are reasonably dry, heat one and a half tablespoons of corn hair, along with 200 ml of filtered water. Cover and boil for 10 minutes. When this time is up, turn off the heat, let the drink sit for another 10 minutes, and then strain and drink normally. Its consumption is recommended between once and twice a day.

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