Did you know that there is specific detox tea for those who want to lose weight quickly? The best part is that there are several recipes, with benefits proven by science. Therefore, in this article you will find the recipe for the best slimming detox teas.

Detox teas, as the name suggests, are natural drinks made from fruits and plants and aim to detoxify the body , bring medicinal benefits, improve healthy performance and, of course, help with weight loss. They can also be used to fight disease, for example.

Despite the varieties of detox teas, which serve to bring several benefits, we have separated for you the best options to help you lose weight and improve your metabolism. But that’s not to say they don’t have other benefits.

So, check out the recipes for the best detox teas below to dry your tummy, lose weight and get your body in shape quickly.

Recipes: best detox teas to lose weight

As we’ve already talked about, detox teas can bring many health benefits. Add them are even great options to accelerate weight loss. So, check out the recipes and how they can help you lose weight.

Iced green tea, lemon and ginger detox tea

First, let’s start with the main detox tea for those looking to lose weight: iced green tea with lemon and ginger.

The main function of this tea is nothing more than to sanitize the body and accelerate the metabolism. As a result, the body increases the calorie burning promoted by the low-calorie diet and exercise.

Scientifically, it is proven by medicine that green tea inhibits obesity and decreases percentage weight gain (1), in addition to being great for lowering cholesterol (2).

On the other hand, lemon and ginger are good for the metabolism (3, 4, 5), which accelerates the body’s energy expenditure and makes it choose to burn more accumulated fat.


  1. Heat 2 cups of water until it reaches the boiling point
  2. Once it has boiled, turn off the heat and add 1 tablespoon of green tea and 100 g of chopped or grated ginger root
  3. Leave covered for 5 minutes
  4. Then strain and add ½ cup of natural lemon juice and mix well
  5. Take it to the fridge and wait for it to freeze.

This tea can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days. The ideal is to consume it in its natural form, without sugar or sweetener.

mint and ginger detox tea

Another fantastic slimming detox tea option (and easier to make than the previous one) is peppermint tea with ginger.

Mint (Mentha spicata) is proven to be antioxidant and anti-obesity (6). And as we mentioned before, ginger speeds up metabolism, which makes the body increase energy expenditure and choose to burn accumulated fat more easily (4, 5).


  1. Heat 1 cup of water and wait for it to boil
  2. Turn off the heat, add 1 tsp powdered ginger and 4 mint leaves. Leave covered for 10 minutes
  3. Finally, strain and drink unsweetened once a day.

Pineapple and hibiscus detox tea

In addition to those already mentioned, another great detox tea for those who want to lose weight is the mixture of pineapple and hibiscus peel .

An Egyptian study proved that pineapple does have anti-obesity substances , which facilitate not only control, but weight loss (7).

Likewise, the composition of hibiscus , in addition to pineapple, helps to regulate the metabolism , thus enabling a healthier and faster weight loss (8).


  1. Boil 5 cups of filtered water
  2. Add 1 medium pineapple peels (well washed) to boiling water and simmer for 15 minutes
  3. Then turn off the heat and leave covered for 5 minutes
  4. Remove the skins, strain (if necessary) and add 1 tablespoon of hibiscus leaves
  5. Cover for another 10 minutes
  6. Finally, strain once more to remove the hibiscus leaves and drink without sweetening.

This tea can be consumed chilled and lasts up to three days in the fridge. By sweetening this tea, it loses the slimming benefits, so don’t sweeten it if you want to use it for slimming. Drink tea twice a day.

Is only detox tea enough to lose weight?

No. In short, to lose weight quickly and healthy using detox teas, it is necessary to follow a low-calorie (and healthy) diet and, preferably, practice some type of exercise .

Therefore, teas alone, whether detox or whatever, do not have the miraculous power to make you lose weight. They are helpers and will make you slimmer much faster, but that’s about it.

The best exercises to lose weight fast are the so-called cardiovascular exercises. Among them, the main ones are running, walking, cycling, swimming, aerobics and dancing.

Does powdered detox tea work?

It depends. First, there are some natural products that are mixtures of herbs and powdered roots, which are used to make detox teas .

Therefore, where it is just plants crushed together, without chemical additions or laboratory manipulation, weight loss aid may be possible.

These miraculous teas sold by large companies, for example, often contain dyes, chemical additions and ingredients that are also harmful.

For these reasons, can they actually help you lose weight, but at what cost? So nothing better than losing weight and maintaining health to show off the new shape, right?