Certain types of plants are so common that they can be found on every continent. However, not everyone knows the healing power of some of them. This is the case in Eritrea. This species belongs to the Gentian genus. In some places it is also known as the little centaura.Eritrea is identified as a small plant that draws a lot of attention for the beauty of its small pink flowers that assume the shape of stars. As for its leaves, they are oppositely arranged, one on each side of the stem.

medicinal use

The plant is widely used due to its depurative and aperitif properties. However, before including the plant in your daily life, the recommendation is that the doctor is consulted. He alone is the most qualified professional to attest to its effects.

It is worth remembering that, despite being a plant, with natural healing principles, it can cause some damage to health, since each organism can react differently. Most of the times, the parts used for healing purposes are the flowers and the roots.

eritrea tea

Eritrea tea is best used in combination with other ingredients. According to doctor Verley-Leclerc, the recommendation is that it be prepared as follows: separate eight grams of gentian root, 12 grams of eritrea, 12 grams of clover and 500 ml of filtered water.

To prepare the drink, you will need to boil the water. Once it reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat and add all the other ingredients at once. You will let them infuse for a period of 12 hours. After that time, just use a sieve to remove the ingredients. It is recommended that the tea be ingested before each meal. A cup is enough.