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Country gilt tea – Properties and benefits

by Dianna Leon

The field bream – also known as white mallow and velvet – is a plant of the Scrofulariaceae family, shrubby and can reach up to 50 cm in height, with a velvety texture, containing gray hairs, small yellowish flowers, and a deep root. It is found in generous amounts in Africa, Asia and Australia, however it also occurs all over the world, but with lesser presence. In South American terrain, it can be found in countries like Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and in the southern region of Brazil.

properties and benefits

This plant has tonic, diuretic, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, sweating, emollient, cardiotonic, antialbuminuric, depurative, energetic and slimming properties, which explains why its use in medicine is quite old. And despite some scholars claiming that the field bream is a poisonous plant, it is efficient in the treatment of various ailments (mostly in the form of tea), such as skin diseases (wounds, mostly of syphilitic origin), rheumatism , problems with blood pressure, cough, bronchitis, kidney cramps, uric acid and difficulty urinating among others.

General indications

  • Uric acid
  • Drop
  • Rheumatism
  • Blood pressure
  • Itches
  • wounds
  • eczema
  • kidney cramps
  • chronic catarrh
  • chronic cystitis
  • Difficulties to urinate
  • Dysentery
  • Lung affections
  • Gonorrhea
  • Cough
  • bronchitis
  • syphilitic diseases
  • lung disease

Country bream tea

How to make?

Grind the leaves, bark and branches of the herb and mix two scoops (20 grams) for every liter of water. Take it to the fire and wait until the liquid starts to boil, after this point, turn it off and let it rest, covered, for about ten minutes. For consumption, it is important to strain the tea to avoid small parts of the plant being ingested.


It is recommended to drink two to three cups of tea daily. The same is also used for the treatment of external ailments, such as wounds, itching or ringworm.

Are there contraindications?

Be careful with the exaggeration of the use of the golden bream, everything else is bad for you, the golden bream can cause intestinal disorders such as diarrhea and abdominal pain. Its use is prohibited for patients who have coagulation problems, otherwise this problem may be aggravated by the properties of the plant.

It is important to point out that even though it is a natural remedy, it is still a remedy, and like all others, if not used correctly and with proper monitoring, it can trigger adverse reactions to it. Consultation with a physician or specialist in medicinal plants and their properties are highly recommended. No starting a treatment on your own.

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