Influenced by the media, society imposes an absolute standard of beauty: good body shape at all costs. So, to be accepted and be considered beautiful you need to have small measurements, sharp curves and no excess fat.

The victims of this oppression are, most of the time, women, although men are also the targets of this. So it’s almost always an obligation to keep yourself free of tummy, cellulite, stretch marks and the “terrible love handles”.

To enter a standard of beauty established by the media, many people end up taking reckless actions. They look for fancy recipes that promise weight loss, use and abuse medicines, spend hours or even days without eating normally.

The concern with being thin and being accepted makes individuals even look for natural alternatives, with the expectation of using such methods uncontrollably and still not harming their health. However, some herbs can become great villains if consumed in excess and without proper medical supervision. This is the case with Chinese slimming tea.

Harm caused by the misuse of this tea

First of all, it is noteworthy that this drink has important properties for the body, such as laxative, slimming and stimulating action. However, these same benefits can harm the patient’s health if not used correctly. Thus, the exaggerated use of this tea can cause:

  • Accelerated metabolism:  The stimulant effect can be bad for the body, as it speeds up the heartbeat, causes dizziness and can even be responsible for chaos of insomnia;
  • Intestinal Dependence:  As it is laxative, if used continuously, it can cause the intestine to become dependent on the substances found in this tea;
  • Digestive problems:  Still on the laxative effect, this drink in a disproportionate dose to the patient can disrupt the food digestion process and interfere with basic body functions. Thus, the patient is at risk of developing colic, diarrhea, loose stools and abdominal pain;
  • Kidney disorders:  Due to the active ingredients that this tea has, it can cause kidney infections.

extra recommendations

Faced with these possible problems, resulting from the misuse of tea, doctors and pharmacologists recommend that pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12 do not use this natural remedy. In addition, patients who already have problems with their kidneys, intestines or hypertensive individuals should also not use Chinese slimming tea, considering that the clinical condition of these people can worsen.