The stomach is the organ responsible for metabolizing ingested food. In our body, this is one of the primary parts of the digestive process, since it is where meals settle down. However, this system does not always work correctly. Whether because of food that is unsuitable for consumption, because of everyday stresses, because of tiredness and indisposition of this organ.In addition, other factors can trigger stomach pain, such as eating in a hurry, nervous tension for prolonged periods, tight girdles, and premenstrual tension (PMS). Therefore, to alleviate these stomach discomforts and bring about a feeling of relief, Tea Benefits brought a simple natural remedy that promises to eliminate pain. See how it should be produced and ingested. As well as contraindications for this tea.

How to prepare and drink tea?

This tea has a very pleasant aroma and taste, so it does not need the addition of sugar. Plus, it’s handy as you can prepare and store it for up to two days.


  • Half a cup of rose water tea (for culinary purposes);
  • Two drops of rosemary oil;
  • One liter of water.

Preparation method:

Bring the water to the fire and let it heat up, removing it before boiling. Also add rosemary oil and rose water to the liquid. Then stir until the ingredients dissolve. Wait for it to warm, but take a still hot dose of this tea. The rest can be stored in the refrigerator and, every time it is used, it needs to be heated. Do not reuse after two days of storage, it will no longer have the same benefits.

The tip is to drink the tea while it is still hot, as the heat helps to reduce the pain caused by the stomach. Generally, improvement appears after two or three cups, but this will depend on each body. Another suggestion is to drink half a cup of the drink before meals, which help to relax the stomach and prevent the appearance of digestive discomfort.

Contraindications for this drink

This tea should not be consumed by women who are in periods of pregnancy or lactation. Stomach nausea caused at the time of pregnancy should not be enough reason to drink this drink. Ingestion of this mixture can cause stomach pain in women in these situations or other side effects. For this reason, it is always advisable to look for a specialist doctor so that he can prescribe something more appropriate for the case.