In the list of remedies naturai s most consumed by the population when it comes to problems linked to the functioning of the liver and stomach, boldo tea appears in a prominent position.

Boldo is a plant originally from Chile that has an intense aroma similar to mint. It is a very affordable herb that can be found in street markets, supermarkets and health food stores.

It is important to highlight that, even after knowing all the benefits that boldo tea can provide for your health, the realization of the natural treatment from this drink must be supervised by the doctor.

This measure will give you more security, especially with regard to solving your health problem. Furthermore, this care can avoid possible problems that may occur, between allergies and changes in the body.

How to prepare boldo tea


  • 200 ml of filtered water;
  • 1 teaspoon of chopped boldo leaves.

Method of preparation

Using a pot with a lid, bring the water to a boil. As soon as it starts to show the first signs of boiling, turn off the heat and add the bold leaves in the amount indicated in the recipe.

Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes. Ah! Don’t forget to keep the pan closed. After this time, take a sieve and pass all the mixture through it. This will facilitate the removal of the boldo leaves used in the preparation of tea.

Put the boldo tea in a cup and you can drink it. The recommendation is not to use any type of sweetener or sugar . Remembering that the daily dosage should not exceed two cups, safeguarding the medical recommendation.

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Benefits of Bilberry Tea

After knowing the step-by-step preparation of boldo tea, now is the time to learn about all the benefits that are linked to this natural drink. Remember that only the leaf is used in natural medicine.

For starters, it’s good that you know boldo tea has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, calming, digestive, diuretic and laxative action. Together, all these actions make the drink more than indicated.

“Bilberry (Peumus boldus) is a traditional plant in Chile, widely used to facilitate the metabolism of nutrients and for its hepatoprotective properties,” says nutritionist Andreia Torres .

Reduces heartburn and gas

The main benefits linked to the use of boldo tea are related to the digestive system and the liver . It has the power to reduce the symptoms of heartburn and gastritis, it decreases gas formation.

Aids digestion

It also relieves digestive signs caused by food intolerance and aids digestion, especially after consumption of foods considered heavy. All this without counting the power to treat constipation.

“According to Anvisa, Chilean Boldo can be indicated for the treatment of mild digestive disorders, acting in the reduction of intestinal spasms and treatment of hepatobiliary disorders (liver and gallbladder)”, says the nutritionist.

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Bilberry tea works to combat various inflammations and biliary infection . In addition, it has the power to protect the body’s cells against the action of free radicals, especially when these reach the liver.

“Its ability to detoxify the liver is also helping to treat cellulite,” says Andreia.

slim down

Bilberry tea can still be used in the process of treating and curing many other problems linked to human health. Bilberry can be associated  with weight loss diets , precisely because of the diuretic action it provides.

it relaxes

Another effect that is also associated with the intake of boldo tea is relaxation. Thus, drinking a cup of boldo tea before bed, the patient can have their sleep improved .

Fight the hangover

Boldo tea can also be used by those who are feeling those unpleasant symptoms of a hangover , such as severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, fatigue, among others.

“Alcoholic beverages are extremely harmful to health. But for those who want to reduce its effects on the body, boldo tea is a great option”, says nutritionist Handreza Gomes.

Thus, “it has detoxifying properties and is recommended for cases of digestive and liver discomfort. Boldo helps in the digestion of food, in addition to helping the liver to work better”, adds Handreza.

Boldo tea contraindications

Even though it is a natural remedy, boldo has some usage restrictions. The most sensible thing to do is to seek medical advice , especially if the patient has frequent allergies and health problems.

Beforehand, boldo tea is contraindicated for pregnant women . “As there are no studies that assess safe dosages in pregnant women, if you are pregnant, do not drink bold tea as it can increase uterine contractions”, informs nutritionist Andreia Torres.

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Women who are breastfeeding should also avoid drinking the drink. As for children under six years of age, the consumption of boldo tea is not recommended.

In addition, people with severe liver problems or who have an obstructive gallbladder should also not be used without first consulting a specialist doctor.

Excess tea is also harmful to the body, precisely because it triggers side effects. Among the main ones, vomiting, kidney irritation, diarrhea and, in more severe cases, the liquid can provoke convulsive crises.