Properly storing tea, whether in sachets or as loose leaves, is important to ensure its long-term freshness and aroma. There are adequate ways and containers to store teas, as contact with the air causes gradual oxidation and changes the properties of the leaves.

Tips for storing tea at home

The good taste of tea depends on its state of conservation and, for this reason, it is recommended to keep it in a hermetically closed container, which avoids contact with air. In addition to the proper container, it is important to store the product in a cool, dark place, where there is no sun exposure and temperature fluctuations. The best places to store teas are in the kitchen cupboards or the pantry, as long as they are away from appliances, exhaust fans or other heat sources.

Keep tea in pots

To store tea in a pot, choose a ceramic, glass, or earthenware container that is dry, odor-free, and has a lid that allows for an airtight closure.

Tea leaves of different varieties should not be stored in the same pot as they may lose their characteristic flavor and aroma.

Remember to keep the pot away from heat and light, in a cool, dark place.

store in bags

Keeping tea leaves in plastic bags is one of the most common methods to be adopted at home. It is recommended to open a new package (or box) of tea and then place it in a resealable, opaque, resistant plastic bag.

Sealing the plastic bag is important as it helps to preserve the quality and flavor of the leaves.

store in cans

Cans made of metal, wood or bamboo can be used to store tea, with double-walled ones better protecting against moisture.

If the tea is not going to be used for a long time, the can should be sealed with tape. Cans with tea should be kept in a dry and airy environment, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Other recommendations

Mild aroma teas must be kept separate from stronger teas and the shelf life of the product must be respected.

There are other recommendations so that the tea is always preserved:

  • Do not keep tea for several years. If you don’t drink regularly, the ideal is to buy a little at a time;
  • Never put tea together with other strong-smelling products such as coffee and spices.