Currently, there are several types of teas and ways to prepare them. All this culinary diversity can cause, from time to time, a certain divergence or myths about this hot drink.For example, some say that the best option is to sweeten it with honey, but there are versions that prefer without the addition of any sugar.

Another myth created in the tea universe is related to milk: whether or not to adopt it in the recipe? Those who defend the mixture, do so justifying that the drink is even tastier. Those who prefer pure tea say that the addition of another component, such as milk, makes the drink lose its beneficial properties.

However, the truth is that there is a right way to combine the useful with the pleasant, that is, to make the health-beneficial tea even tastier.

Ideal milk tea recipe

First step is to choose the herb that will be used to make the tea. The flavor does not matter, but the most used are black, green, chamomile, mate, etc. tea.

Afterwards, put the herb next to the water and bring them to a low heat. Wait for 10 minutes or until the liquid shows the first signs of boiling. It is noteworthy that it is not important to wait for the tea to boil.

After turning off the heat, leave the container closed and wait for another five minutes to infuse. Then strain and, before pouring the contents into the cup, pour some of the fresh milk into the container.

Then put the tea on top of the dairy. If you prefer, you can add more milk, regulating the color and creaminess of the drink.

According to the expert in tea, Sebastian Michaelis, this formula is indicated as the best way to combine tea with milk. According to the British, if the milk is placed before boiling, the temperature of the infusion can be changed. For this reason, it is more advisable to place it after the tea has been made.

tradition and knowledge

In Brazil, this technique may even be new, since the population is used to coffee with milk. However, the custom of adding milky liquid to tea is part of an ancient tradition that originated in Europe, especially in England.

According to historians, the Portuguese Princess Catarina de Bragança, upon marrying Prince Charles II, was responsible for introducing the famous “afternoon tea” into British culture.

She always felt the need to eat between lunch and dinner, so she instituted this event in the lives of English people. And, oddly enough, this practice is still applied today, but this time around the world.