Five o’clock tea is a tradition in England, but it has become popular all over the world. Some people make use of this idea to apply to birthday parties, Baby Shower or Baby Shower, a bachelorette party etc. In reality it is a different event, which serves to gather friends, listen to good music, try new flavors and aromas and have an afternoon of pleasant conversation and exchange of experiences.

Like the idea? So see how to make an intimate party like this, knowing how to choose the pieces, food, drinks and decoration for this pleasant afternoon. In addition, you can check out a bit of the history of how this tradition came about.

history of custom

Having tea at 5 pm is a fourth-century habit, but it was only popularized by Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Belfort. According to the story, she was quite hungry between lunch and dinner. So we went on to have a snack in between that time. The Duchess drank tea with milk and sugar, accompanied by a savory one, punctually at 17:00.

This habit became part of English culture. The bourgeois and the aristocracy of the time took advantage of the snack to invite personalities and important people in politics to have lunch in their homes. Shortly thereafter, they created large halls that provided these events for a greater number of people.

How to prepare Five o’clock Tea?

First, you need to prepare the invitations. Then, the concern is turned to the decoration of the party. Then it’s time to think about the food and drinks that will be served during the event and, finally, prepare some surprises so that you can add a little more charm to the Chá das Cinco.


“How many people will go to my party?” “Can I shelter them all?” “How do I invite them?” These are the three questions you must answer before making the official event. The essence of Tea of ​​the Five is an intimate party, for a few people, where people can talk to each other in a peaceful environment.

To inform your guests of the Tea, stylized invitations can be elaborated, giving a certain “royalty” to the event. Or if you prefer, call friends over the phone or email.


After the invitations, it’s time to think about the decor, which includes the environment, cutlery, table cloths, teapots, cups and plates. Also, the songs must match the occasion. For this reason, take the time to create an appropriate playlist for the event. Depending on the number of people, more from a teapot will be needed, which does not necessarily need to match the cups and cutlery. However, the hint is that both can be porcelain.

Food and drinks

The main feature of this event is tea, which, depending on the size of the guest list, can vary from two to six types of flavors. Choose the most popular ones, so that people can take them without fear. Then, serve other chaavenas, with more exotic flavors to improve the taste of guests.

Food should range from sweet to salty, but nothing heavy. Look for light alternatives that are easy to eat just as not to cause too much mess for guests or the environment.

Surprises at the event

You can prepare games with the guests and even serve different teas, as is the example of flower tea – a sample that makes the flower bloom when hot water is poured into the container. Delighting guests is always a welcome surprise, so leave sugar, honey or sweetener on the table so they can decide how to sweeten their drinks, water is also nice and even lemon slices can be appreciated by your friends.