Teas are ancient beverages capable of bringing countless benefits to human health. There are for those who want to lose weight or increase appetite, there are those capable of treating diseases and even preventing them, as well as drinks that increase the mood of those who consume them. Recently, new ways of making tea have been created, which despite having been recreated from other historical moments, are only becoming successful now.

This was the case of the gourmet tea, made with high-quality herbs, and the bubble tea which, in addition to having a lot of flavor, brings the sensation of bubbles bursting inside the mouth, providing a lot of freshness for those who drink it. Within these new trends arises tea flowers, which promises to beautify even more the moment of drinking this hot and tasty drink that is tea.

What is tea flowers?

Despite a sight to behold, few people are familiar with the tea flower technique. What happens is the “blooming” of flowers inside the drink. Furthermore, the flower does not change the flavor of the spice or its consistency. This creative and attractive technique works on different types of teas, such as: green, white and oloong.

The flowers most used to beautify tea are hibiscus, marigold and red jasmine. The tip is to use a transparent container, to be able to accompany the blooming of the flowering buds.

Preparing the tea flowers

Tasty, practical and beautiful. Those are the basic characteristics of tea flowers. To do this, just prepare the tea of ​​your choice and make it clear so that the “blooming” of the flower is visible. While your drink is being brewed over the fire, wrap the dried leaves of any plant by hand. Take these leaves and place them around the dried flower. Make a ball and put it to dry.

After 10 minutes, take the ball and place it in a transparent container. Then pour the tea made earlier over the sprout and wait a few minutes for the flower to sprout. You put a handcrafted flower bud on both the teapot and each cup served. The spectacle is beautiful and worth the test.