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Kombucha – Discover its benefits

by Dianna Leon

Thousands of years old in oriental culture, kombucha or kombucha tea is very famous for its medicinal properties , its effectiveness in treatments and also for the results, which are already visible after a short time of consumption. It is probiotic and has a high antioxidant content, as well as many B-complex vitamins. Known in many places as “ mushroom tea ”, kombucha is actually a strategic combination of good bacteria and yeast.

Most adherents of this exotic drink swear by their feet together that it is the best natural weapon against cancer when taken daily. It turns out that the mixture of yeasts and good bacteria prevents some of the body’s environments from becoming favorable to the development of cancer, and for this reason they even make the body recover its natural state after being infected.


Benefits of kombucha

  • It not only works to prevent but also to treat cancer;
  • The tea acts on the intestine, considerably improving digestion;
  • Widely used for sharpening eyesight;
  • It also helps to lower levels of bad cholesterol and blood fats;
  • This tea is capable of dissolving fats during digestion, and therefore it is very suitable for those who want to lose weight ;
  • It helps a lot in the elasticity of the skin;
  • Eliminates toxins and impurities from the body.

How to prepare kombucha tea

  1. Mix green tea (or black tea ) with sugar and water;

  2. Then transfer the mixture to a container and add the kombucha culture (it looks like a rubber pancake);
  3. Cover the container with a cloth and let it act for 1 or 2 weeks;
  4. After two weeks it can be consumed;
  5. Just add more water to the container and wait another two weeks, and the tea will remain indefinitely;
  6. Tea is very acidic and therefore difficult to drink straight;
  7. Initially, drink only half a cup of tea, and then gradually increase, as the stomach needs to amount gradually get used to the acidity of the drink so as not to be too attacked.

NOTE: If you do not have access to the kombucha culture to make homemade tea, you can find ready-made tea in natural food stores, available in several flavors and, by many, considered tasty.


Despite not having toxicity, when prepared without hygiene, kombucha tea can be contaminated and cause allergic reactions.

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