Drinking tea and socializing with friends is a great choice for any day and time. Even though it’s better to drink infusions in cold weather, a cup of this drink can make an excellent date invitation on hot days. For this to occur, it is only necessary to know how to combine the flavors of teas and other elements to accompany them.Preparing the infusions, food and also the environment, are part of those who want to receive guests and serve them appropriately. If you intend to design a meeting in this style, you need to be aware of some aspects before launching invitations to friends.

Step by step to serve teas

Choice of beverage flavors

Depending on the number of people invited, you should have more than one type of tea available, at least two. The most popular are chamomile, fennel, boldo, mint, black and so on. Always choose to make infusions with the leaves of natural herbs. However, if this is not possible, opt for tea bags that are sold in supermarkets.

Minor items to be served

Of course, the “star” of the meeting is the tea, but you can leave other elements available to the guests to be included in the drink. Sugar, honey, sweetener, cream, milk and even lemon. All these items will give space for the people present to choose how to drink their teas, as each one has a taste preference.

food can accompany teas

Betting on food is a great idea to put guests at ease. Breads can be offered with warm cheese, marmalade, peanut butter or chocolates. Cut them into smaller pieces and distribute them on a tray to set at the table. In addition, cakes can also be a tasty option to accompany teas. Flavors can vary from corn, carrots, etc. Cookies, dried fruit and cheese pieces are also possible options to please the guests.

Other important tips

It is worth mentioning the care that must be taken when serving the tea, as it must neither be cold, in order to spoil the drink’s flavor, nor hot, just as not to burn the guests. If the tea is iced, it can be served in this state and it is good that the host leaves ice on the table so that guests can help themselves.

Another question is about the space to be chosen to house guests. The most fun would be outdoors, close to nature. If this is not possible, create a comfortable, air-conditioned environment within the house.