A balanced diet, combined with physical exercise and a tea with health benefits, may be the secret to significant weight loss. For this to happen, it is necessary to discipline and prepare a drink that, when consumed hot or cold, is capable of eliminating excess fat, improving digestion and alleviating food compulsiveness. This liquid refers to the miraculous lemongrass tea with lemon.In this article, you can see how it is prepared and how best to consume it. Before that, better understand how this tea works in the body, through its benefits and properties.

Benefits and properties of this tea

Capim-santo is known for its calming and relaxing action, but its benefits go further. The plant also works as a digestive, stimulant, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. As well as diuretic, detoxifying and metabolizing. All these properties together make this herb tea an excellent remedy against localized fat and overweight.

Capable of slimming the waist, the tea made with lemongrass and lemon speeds up the metabolism and burns fat and eliminate fluid retention from the body. In addition, this drink improves digestion and causes the feeling of satiety, it also stimulates blood circulation, combats bloating and as it is calming it controls the craving for food. Despite all these benefits, this natural remedy is a true ally for women, considering that its composition manages to eliminate the terrible cellulite.

Lemongrass tea recipe with lemon


  • One liter of filtered water;
  • A cup of lemongrass tea;
  • Juice of half a lemon;
  • Mint leaves (if you prefer);
  • Sweetener (if you prefer).

Method of and consumption

Place the filtered water with the lemongrass on the fire and allow it to boil for 30 minutes. Then strain and add lemon juice to intensify the drink’s benefits; mint leaves, which improve the taste of tea; and the sweetener, if you prefer to make the taste more pleasant.

To drink you can choose a hot or cold drink, without changing the properties and benefits. In addition, nutritionists recommend consuming up to three cups of tea a day, one in the afternoon, another 30 minutes after lunch and the last in the afternoon snack. But remember, this drink must be ingested while it is still fresh, and it is not recommended to ingest the liquid after a day of preparation, as it runs the risk of not achieving the goals.