Some people believe that tea should only be taken when its benefits are needed, but this drink, like coffee, is an excellent accompaniment to meals. However, unlike this second, tea has a tasty variety that certainly creates harmony with everyday foods. Thinking about the flavor and also the benefits that these beverages can provide to health, the Tea Benefits brought a list of teas that “match” perfectly with some foods.

Black tea

This drink is very versatile, as in addition to combining with heavy dishes at lunch, it is also a great option for those who want to drink a liquid with sweet desserts. Therefore, if at noon the meal is based on meat, various sauces, eggs, spicy dishes, etc., the tip is to invest in black tea as an accompaniment. It can be a great order for desserts made with any type of chocolate, as it balances the flavor of the sweets. Just a reminder, avoid taking it in the late afternoon or evening as it can disrupt your sleep.

Green tea

Subtle, this type of tea combines with bland meals, not too many calories, but rich in nutrients. You can try green tea together with vegetarian dishes or light meats such as chicken, fish and seafood, the experience will be unforgettably tasty. It is also advisable to eat it with very salty foods, as it manages to balance this characteristic. With dessert, it can be enjoyed with various fruits.

oolong soup

Insightful, oolong goes well with medium-intensity flavored meat dishes, but it’s a great choice for cheeses and seafood. With dessert, it is a great invitation to various sweets, especially chocolate, falling like a “glove” in black, milk and white. It is light and can be ingested at any time of day.

white tea

As it is a delicate tea, it asks for meals with the same characteristics. For this reason, the ideal dishes are light and fresh, as they cannot change the taste of the delicious drink. Vegetarian dishes, meat and fish, salads and all other milder meals are perfect accompaniments to white tea. In addition, it is recommended with some desserts, such as cake, pastries and milk chocolate.

red tea

Of all the other teas on the list, red tea benefits the most health in the digestive process. Therefore, it is considered a great drink to accompany all types of dishes, especially heavier ones such as red meat, sautéed and fried foods. Accompanying the dessert is indicated with all types of cake and dark chocolate.