Lettuce is a plant widely used in Brazilian meals, but have you ever heard of water lettuce? This is another species rich in medicinal properties and human health benefits.More common for aquarium decoration, this discreet herb holds surprising effects to treat and prevent diseases that affect the body. Another incredible offer from nature to human beings.

Characteristics of this plant

Also called mururé, water cabbage, Santa Luzia herb, duckweed and water flower, this plant belongs to the Araceae family.

Having a size of up to 25cm, water lettuce can be grown in aquariums and even basins filled with water, placed in the garden in places with the presence of the sun.

The plant’s roots are thin and become excellent places for fish to spawn, which is why they are so used in aquariums. The leaves, on the other hand, are green in color and have a velvety appearance, and can be used in the treatment of various pathologies due to the presence of essential substances to fight diseases.

Properties and Benefits of Water Lettuce

  • Anti-syphilitic;
  • Deinflammatory;
  • Anti-asthmatic,
  • Expectorant;
  • Anti-arthritic;
  • Antiherpetic;
  • Diuretics;
  • Anti-dysenteric;
  • Antidiabetic;
  • Emollient;
  • Anti-hemorroidal;
  • Maturative.

Given its many properties, water lettuce can be indicated in the treatment of diseases that affect the bladder and kidneys. It can also be used to recover patients suffering from dropsy, bloody urine, diabetes insipidus, dysentery, stranguria and hematuria.

In addition to these benefits, the plant can be used to fight asthma, inflammation in general, tumors caused by erysipelas, hemorrhoids and even cases of childhood hernias.

How do you use it?

From this plant an infusion can be made capable of being used as a form of treatment. Just separate 30 g of the fresh lettuce leaves and place on the fire with a liter of water.

After the boiling process, it is necessary to turn off the heat and cover the container where the tea is. Then, wait approximately 10 minutes for the final product to be ready.

Still warm, strain the tea and instead of drinking a full cup, the tip is to drink a spoon (of soup) every hour. This method is the most effective for treating the problems mentioned above.


Even though water lettuce is a natural treatment, it is recommended to seek medical attention after noticing unusual symptoms that are harming your health.

The faster the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment. Also, talk to the specialist to get his opinion on the use of lettuce, as each body reacts in a different way and some may be sensitive to this tea.