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Oak tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon
A large oak tree covered in leaves in a green field against a blue sky

Also known as red oak or alvarinho oak, the oak is a large tree that can reach 25 meters in height. Originally from Eurasia, this plant adapts very well to humid climates and is also resistant to cold. Belonging to the Fagaceae family, the oak has a preference for clay soils, fresh, moist and rich in nutrients, and can be easily found in Europe, and less frequently in Northwest Russia and North Africa. The bark, part used for medicinal purposes, has healing properties and is popularly used in the form of tea and a mixture for gargle.

Applications and benefits

With its husks, a tea can be made that is effective as a depurative, healing ulcers, combating diabetes, hemorrhages, anemia, liver diseases and diarrhea. Rich in tannins, oak bark has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent stimulant for digestion. In addition, you can use the tea for gargling, effective application against stomatitis, pharyngitis and inflamed gums. The solution can also be applied with cotton swabs in the nostrils to stop the runny nose, and the sitz bath fights hemorrhoids, eczema, and vaginal or anal infections. Another application, made with powdered peels, is on the feet, to avoid sweating and the unpleasant smell.

The of Oak Tea

Oak tea should be prepared with the proportion of two tablespoons of bark for every 0.5 L of water. In a container, put the water and bring to fire. Then add the peels and cook until boiling. When the mixture comes to a boil, set it for 15 minutes and, after that period, turn off the heat. Cover the container and let stand for approximately 10 minutes, then strain and consume. The recommended measure is two to three cups a day.

For gargle, use a ratio of three tablespoons of oak bark to two cups of water. Put the water and the husks in a container and bring to the fire. Simmer for approximately 15 minutes and then strain. Gargle should be done three to four times a day.

The sitz bath is prepared with the ratio of three tablespoons of oak bark to half a liter of water. Boil the skin for approximately 15 minutes and then strain. Put the mixture in a container that you can sit in, and stay in it for about ten minutes. Treatment must be done every day, morning and night.


It is important that the indications for use are respected, including the daily amount. Excessive consumption of tea can cause gastric discomfort.

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