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Teas for Anemia Treatment

by Dianna Leon

Anemia is a clinical condition characterized by a decrease in red blood cells or in the hemoglobin level, reaching values ​​below the reference values. It can be caused by lack of iron, dispossession caused by intestinal parasites, dietary deficiency of vitamin B12, or chronic inflammatory disease. Among its symptoms are weakness, malaise, dizziness, lack of appetite, decreased concentration and learning difficulties.

How can food help?

Some foods are effective in treating anemia, as they replenish vitamins that may be lacking, or fight the causative agent of the disease. Below, we’ve listed some of the natural remedies that can help treat anemia.

  • Beetroot with orange juice, prepared with 2 teacups of pure orange juice and ½ chopped raw beetroot. Blend both ingredients in a blender, strain and always consume half an hour before lunch or dinner.
  • Kale juice with spinach should be prepared with the ratio of 1 fresh cabbage leaf and three fresh spinach leaves for each 200 ml glass of mineral or filtered water. Add all ingredients in a blender, blend and strain. Consume once a day, in the morning, while fasting.
  • Grape juice with free-range egg and honey, must be prepared with 1 glass of 200 ml of grape juice, 1 free-range egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of honey, beaten in a blender. Then consume three times a week.

In addition, pineapple juice with molasses and sugarcane, consumed three times a day, and the consumption of four mashed bananas with oats and molasses in the morning, are natural medicines that can help to treat anemia.

Anemia teas

There are also, among the foods that can help in the treatment, herbs, which should be used in the form of tea.

Mugwort tea

To prepare mugwort tea, use the ratio of one tablespoon of dried leaves to every liter of water. In a container, bring the water to the fire and add the mugwort. When it comes to a boil, time it is approximately five minutes, then turn off. Cover and wait for the mixture to warm, straining and then consumables. The tea should be consumed every six hours, in a dose of one cup. Attention : this tea should not be consumed by pregnant and lactating women.

Herbs tea

Herbal tea can be made with a handful of each of the following herbs: alfalfa, leather hat, dandelion, stevia, and nettle. To prepare, put all herbs in a container and set aside. Boil 400 ml of water, and pour over the herbs, capping and then letting it rest for approximately 10 minutes. Strain and then consume three to four cups a day.

watercress tea

This tea should be prepared with the proportion of a handful of watercress leaves for every ½ liter of water. Heat the water until it boils and pour over the leaves. Smother and let stand for approximately ten minutes, straining and then consuming. You can sweeten it with honey and consume between three and five cups a day.

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