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Does porangaba tea lose weight? See how to take and its properties

by Dianna Leon
Does porangaba tea lose weight

We’re always looking for a way to lose those extra pounds that plague us, aren’t we? As most of us don’t have time to devote intense hours to the gym, nor dare (and shouldn’t) play a super restrictive diet, finding a strong ally that fits into the routine is wonderful. So if you are in need of a little help, find out more about Porangaba tea , which is a diuretic and also helps you lose weight .

What is Porangaba?

It is the fruit of a Brazilian tree that reaches just over ten meters in height and can be found in a large part of the country, despite having developed better in the North and Northeast regions. The tree has white flowers and its fruit, the porangaba, resembles the coffee bean, which is why one of the names that Porangaba Tea receives throughout Brazil is Cafezinho do Mato. The tea, which is high in caffeine and should be avoided at night, is also well known as Buge Tea .

What are the benefits?

Porangaba tea helps to reduce fever and helps improve blood circulation, but it is due to its slimming power that it is increasingly known.

The consumption of tea reduces the appetite by providing a feeling of satiety for a long time, making the person eat less. It also reduces cellulite as it eliminates fat and various toxins present in the body through urine. Because it has this effect of eliminating body fat, porangaba tea becomes a great ally for people who want to lose localized fat .

With a strong characteristic flavor, bugle tea proves to be a great stimulant and helps fight rheumatic diseases .

tea recipe

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In order for your body to absorb all the medicinal properties contained in porangaba, it is advisable to consume it through a tea, where the benefits are enhanced. To make tea is very easy:

  1. In a pot put a liter of water and four tablespoons of the herb (if you want to make a larger amount, just follow the rule of four tablespoons for each liter of water);
  2. Place the pan on the fire and turn it off as soon as the water starts to boil;
  3. Cover the pan and keep the mixture muffled for at least ten minutes;
  4. Strain and sweeten as you like.

To feel the effects of Porangaba in the body more quickly, it is necessary to drink four to five cups of tea a day.

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