Flowering tea is made from an herb that is prepared and wrapped in the shape of a ball, which opens when placed in a container of hot water. During this opening process, it releases its flavor into the water and forms a flower whose leaves open inside the cup.

Bulbs include dried flowers so that the floral arrangement has more color as it blooms. Black tea and green tea are the most used, but it can have flavors like jasmine, for example, among other flavors.

Typically, such teas are individually packaged to ensure that the balls do not break or break open during transport. Storage should be done in a cool, dry place, and the tea can hold two to three additional infusions, despite the weaker flavor.

Where did it come from?

Flowering tea emerged in the 1980s, despite appearing to be an ancient tradition, and became popular in the mid-2000s when the Asian style of food and decor became fashionable.

How to prepare?

The preparation of this drink is quite simple, and should be done, preferably, in transparent glass containers, so that the opening of the flowers can be seen in a general way.

So, to prepare, you must open a packet of tea and place it in the pot with boiling water. It is important to pay attention, however, to the type of tea, as each one has its specific instructions for preparation and water temperature.

Always place the tea ball just before serving, so everyone can see the flower opening. Pay attention, however, to the method of preparation, as although most are for large portions, some are made for individual dosages.

Once placed in hot water, the process takes between three and five minutes to fully open and ready to serve.

Serve all cups, as if you leave the hot water in contact with the tea for long periods, the flavor may be impaired. You can sweeten it normally, as you prefer.