Of Indian origin, psyllium is used in alternative medicine to naturally treat various problems, especially those related to digestion.

The name of the plant, which can also be written as “psyllium”, derives from the Greek word “psylla” which means “flea”. The herb received this name due to the similarity that its fruits have with the insect.

Widely used for those who have chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, pregnancy and post-operative problems, psyllium is an excellent natural laxative.

The plant is also widely used by people who want to lose weight. To this end, psilium should be taken before meals.

Psilium to slim down

In addition to providing satiety, consuming psyllium is also a way to acquire nutrients that, during the digestive process, unite with carbohydrates and prevent the body from absorbing them.

Because of this, the body feels “obliged” to seek energy in the fat reserve, making us lose these “deposits” faster.

But to be able to enjoy the benefits offered by the plant, it is important to pay attention to the amount consumed.

Indication of use

Experts recommend consuming a teaspoon of the plant with water or juice only once a day.

Another way to use psyllium is to place it on top of fruits or salads, as if it were a kind of syrup or mix with other foods.

Consuming the herb on an empty stomach is also a way to control cholesterol levels, as it contains some soluble fiber, including those from oats and barley.


The ideal is to consume the psilium if it has been indicated by a specialist. People who suffer from inflammatory diseases in the gastrointestinal system, intestinal obstruction or ulcers should avoid consuming the herb.