Have you ever stopped to think about how nature has a number of natural remedies? For every problem that affects the human body, be it simple or delicate, there is an effective herb for the treatment.In the case of quince , this herb is able to treat and prevent urinary problems in patients who consume it. To learn more, continue reading this Tea Benefits article .

Properties and benefits of quince tea

The two medicinal properties found in quince complement each other, they are the diuretic and antibiotic action of the urinary tract . That’s why the consumption of tea made with this herb helps in the treatment of urinary problems, such as cystitis and other urinary infections. In addition to preventing the formation of kidney stones .

How to use

In order to obtain all the benefits and enjoy all the properties of quince, it is necessary to prepare an infusion with the leaves of this herb. To do this, use a teaspoon of the chopped leaves and a cup of boiling water.

Mix the ingredients, cover the container and wait for 10 minutes. After the specified time, strain the drink and, if you prefer, add sugar, sweetener or honey to improve the flavor of the tea.

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Repeat drinking tea twice a day. Treatment should be continued until the signs of urinary problems disappear.

Contraindications and other precautions

Some plants can be harmful to the body when they are not used correctly. For example, pregnant women, lactating women and children under six years old should not use quince tea, since the properties and active principles of this plant can harm their health.

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However, it is important that people seek medical attention so that they can be sure about what problem they are experiencing. With the help of a health professional, it is possible to choose the best treatment to follow, whether natural or not.