Do you know the benefits of pomegranate peel tea ? This natural drink made from the rinds of the fruit is an ancient home remedy for many health problems.

Here you will discover all the benefits proven by science in recent years. You will be amazed at the amount of benefits!

Historical records indicate that the pomegranate is a fruit of uncertain origin. Some historians say that it is a fruit originating in Greece, others already say that it is a fruit of Syrian origin. Knowing the origin of the fruit can be a mystery, but what is no secret is that it is one of the most beneficial fruits around.

It has a hard shell and very reddish and well-divided seeds, leaving them with the appearance of tiny capsules. It is exactly in them that most of its properties, vitamins, fibers and minerals are found.

But what few people know is that pomegranate peels are also rich in nutrients and medicinal properties, as well as the fruit itself.

With the fruit peels it is possible to produce the famous pomegranate tea, a drink known for its health benefits. So, check below all the benefits of this tea that surprises even scientists!

Benefits of Pomegranate Peel Tea

Pomegranate tea is famous for making the throat feel good , but it goes far beyond that. Thus, we separate a list with the main benefits proven by science so far. See the benefits of pomegranate tea:

  • It’s antioxidant
  • It’s anti-inflammatory
  • Fights high blood pressure
  • Relieves rheumatoid arthritis
  • Improves metabolism and blood circulation
  • protect the heart
  • Eliminates microbes
  • Prevents and fights cavities
  • Help in muscle recovery
  • Improves testicle health
  • Helps in the functioning of the kidneys

Plenty of benefits, isn’t it? It is noteworthy that these were listed are the benefits provided by science so far. Of course there are other healthy advantages, but these are still being studied or tested.

What it is for: See more about properties

Now you will see a little more about each of the benefits listed above. This is also where you will confirm that all these benefits are true. The information is based on scientific sources and official research . Check out our scientific references at the end of the article!

It’s antioxidant

First of all, it’s important to start talking about one of the main benefits of pomegranate: its antioxidant action (1, 2). Studies prove that pomegranate has antioxidant substances that help inhibit free radicals and prevent various diseases, such as cancer.

Free radicals are substances that impair the life cycle and regeneration of the body’s cells. They enter our body through food and are responsible for increasing the risk of various diseases. For example, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, degenerative diseases, premature aging and diabetes.

Some studies relate the consumption of pomegranate to the prevention of prostate cancer (1, 3). Likewise, research has proven that this fruit is capable of fighting and inhibiting tumors (3). Therefore, it is a great help in the treatment of tumors and cancer.

Furthermore, a study showed that pomegranate has anti-metastatic substances in its composition (4). That is, they prevent cancer from spreading in the body. Therefore, it is great to reinforce chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

The tea with pomegranate husks has a very strong range of nutrients and medicinal substances. Almost as much as the fruit itself. Therefore, use this drink to prevent and fight cancer.

It’s anti-inflammatory

Another famous benefit of pomegranate and its skins is its anti-inflammatory action (1, 5). Several scientific studies have confirmed this effect and, in addition, have shown that it is more effective than many medicines.

You may have heard that pomegranate tea is good for relieving sore throats . Well, even before medicine proves it, people already know pomegranate tea as a great anti-inflammatory for the throat. And this is absolutely true!

Pomegranate is rich in polyphenols and substances capable of fighting inflammation in the human body. Thus, the tea of ​​this fruit (made with the peel) is a great aid in the treatment of inflammation.

In addition, pomegranate peel tea can get rid of the famous pain in the lower back, back, shoulders and joints. That is, these pains are usually caused by small inflammations in the body.

Fights high blood pressure

Some research has also indicated that pomegranate has anti-hypertensive properties (6, 7). That is, substances capable of combating hypertension / high blood pressure.

Thus, it is possible to use pomegranate peel tea as a great aid in controlling blood pressure. For this, it needs to be taken little by little during the day, especially before main meals.

However, it is very important to consult a doctor before using pomegranate tea for this purpose. The drink can enhance the effect of the drugs and end up lowering the pressure a lot, which also brings health problems.

Relieves rheumatoid arthritis

Research on the nutritional composition of pomegranate showed benefits in the treatment of rheumatoid  arthritis  (5). This chronic disease that causes pain in the joints has no cure yet, but its symptoms can be controlled with the consumption of pomegranate or tea from this fruit.

Anyone who suffers from this disease knows that the pain is very uncomfortable and often can even compromise movement and quality of life in general. So, try consuming this tea and realize the natural benefits.

Improves metabolism and blood circulation

Another great advantage of consuming the properties of the pomegranate are the components that improve metabolism and blood circulation (5). In addition to preventing disease, these benefits can also help your beauty.

In principle, getting the best out of your metabolism helps your body to function better overall. In addition, it is great for losing weight and ensuring the proper functioning of various organs.

On the other hand, the benefit of improving blood circulation helps deliver important nutrients to the organs and helps keep the heart protected and healthy. Circulatory problems often lead to serious illnesses, such as thrombosis and heart damage.

protect the heart

This benefit is an extension of the 2 previous benefits. As already mentioned, the properties of pomegranate help fight high blood pressure and improve circulation, which helps the heart. But beyond that, studies show that pomegranate is super beneficial for overall heart health (5).

For example, pomegranate tea helps nourish the heart and considerably lower the risk of problems such as heart attacks and clogged veins and arteries. However, this also depends a lot on the patient’s diet.

Eliminates microbes

Did you know that pomegranate peels are potent natural antimicrobial products  ? Well, this is a benefit from the fruit peels, much more than from the fruit itself (8). A study proved that in fruit peels there is a component called punicalagin, which eliminates microbes from our body.

First of all, keeping the body clean of microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi is essential for good health. That’s why it’s always good to have a strengthened immune system . But, you can help by consuming pomegranate peel tea.

By doing this, you will be killing or weakening the microbes, which will make it easier for your immune system.

Prevents and fights cavities

Another study proved that consuming pomegranate peels helps prevent tooth decay (9). In other words, the substances present in the fruit peels eliminate the bacteria that are the main causes of cavities.

Being a common problem in adults and children, cavities can cause several damages to health. They need to be treated by an expert doctor and must be taken seriously. Remember, tooth decay can spread and compromise the health of your entire teeth.

But, pomegranate peel tea can alleviate this kind of problem. Also, if decay already exists, tea is still beneficial. The drink will slow down decay by eliminating the bacteria that are causing the problem.

Even so, remember to look for a dentist and listen to their indications to solve the problem and avoid it once and for all.

Help in muscle recovery

These benefits are for the marombeiros on duty! The study has proven that the properties of pomegranate help to accelerate muscle recovery (10). This fruit is also recommended to improve your weight training and weight lifting training routine.

Everyone who bodybuilding practices should know that muscle recovery is very important for muscle definition. When we force the muscle, we stimulate it for growth, but it is necessary to wait for the return of the correct blood circulation through the muscle recovery.

So use pomegranate peel tea to your advantage in training to get the body of your dreams! Science has proven that it can help you a lot!

Improves testicle health

Another healthy finding about pomegranate is that this fruit helps protect the testicles and keep them healthy (11). Those who have testicles know that it is important to take care of them and prevent disease.

The male reproductive health is very important for the person’s health in general, since it involves the production of hormones and metabolic factors important for the whole organism.

For example, the testicles are responsible for the production of testosterone , the main male hormone. This hormone involves the entire body, from the low tone of the voice, hair growth, even the hardening of the penis (erection).

But it is good to warn that this is not an aphrodisiac fruit . As such, it only protects the testicles from problems and helps keep them healthy and functioning well. It is noteworthy that sperm is also produced in the testicles.

Helps in the functioning of the kidneys

Last but not least, the pomegranate has components that help keep the kidneys working well (11). As with the testicles, pomegranate properties are preventive and beneficial to the kidneys.

They make the kidneys work harder and better, which prevents the accumulation of harmful substances , which can cause illness and problems.

Some recent studies also study the influence of pomegranate on healthy urine production, which is also a great benefit for the body.

How to make pomegranate tea?

The recipe for pomegranate tea is very simple. In that case, you should use the fruit peels. The other parts can be used in food. See how to prepare the best pomegranate tea:

  1. Remove the ½ pomegranate peel and wash them under running water.
  2. Then bring to a pot with 1 cup of boiling water.
  3. After placing the skins in water, turn off the heat and leave covered for 10 min.
  4. Finally, remove the husks with a flatware or strainer. Drink without sweetening.

The best thing is to consume this tea warm . Too hot tea can hurt your throat rather than help. Cold tea, in addition to having a bitter taste, loses some of its digestive nutrients.

Furthermore, the tea can also be used for gargling, in case of benefits for the throat. Thus, it is recommended to gargle at least three times a day.

You can also blend the remaining seeds and pulp in a blender with 1 cup of water, strain and then drink the mixture. So you don’t have to throw the pulp and seeds away and you get more nutrients from this fruit.