The name may not be one of the best, but its properties and consequently its benefits make this tea one of the best for human consumption and treatment of diseases related to the digestion process.

With its scientific name  Artemisia dracunculus,  the plant better known as tarragon is actually a famous spice in France, but it is more successful as an infusion.

With a slightly spicy flavor and at the same time sweet, this plant is still not widespread in Brazil. However, it can be found in natural food stores on the internet or also, but with less chance, in open markets.

Small herb, it has lanceolate leaves and its flowers are yellow. In addition to tarragon, it is also known as French tarragon or dragonweed.

Properties and benefits of this plant

Thanks to the medicinal properties of tarragon, this plant can be used in cases of digestive problems. For being antiseptic of the digestive tract, vermifuge and appetizer, the herb treats slow and difficult digestion, lack of appetite, gas, poor digestion. Its use is still able to eliminate intestinal parasites.

In addition to this beneficial action on the digestive system, tarragon also serves as a women’s right arm, as it eases menstrual cramps. This is because the consumption of products based on dragon herb improves blood flow, favoring less discomfort during this period.

tarragon tea

Boil a cup of filtered water and then add a (dessert) spoon of the tarragon leaves. Cover the container and allow to infuse for approximately 10 minutes. After the specified time, strain the liquid and drink it without adding sugar, sweetener or honey.

The taste may resemble fennel. The tip is to have a cup of the drink after the main meals, so one at breakfast, another at lunch and finally one at dinner.

Another important issue concerns the storage of tea, if the patient needs to prepare it at once, but to consume during the day. Therefore, it is preferable to put it in a thermos bottle and drink the substance on the same day it was prepared. Tarragon tea after a day no longer has the medicinal properties.

essential care

There are no contraindications for this drink. However, even being a natural product, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor before using this tea. In addition, the exaggerated consumption of this plant can agitate the nervous system, so always follow what is recommended.