Used to facilitate nights of sleep, sleepytime is a type of tea produced by the company Celestial Seasonings, a company specialized in developing various types of tea. According to the producer, this drink is a combination of natural herbs, such as chamomile, common grass, blackberry and lime.Another feature of this product is that it does not have caffeine in its composition, for this reason it is able to improve sleep quality. In addition, the tea also has an ideal aroma for those who want to calm the body and mind, after an intense day of work and stress.

Despite the benefits provided by  sleepytime,  the drink can cause adverse reactions depending on the patient’s body and also on the way the tea is used.

For this reason, it is necessary to know the components of this product and the possible side effects. As well as the ideal dosage for each case, which only a doctor can prescribe.

Possible side effects of this tea

As  sleepytime  is a product made with several herbs combined, it is only possible to recognize the harmful effects of over-consumption by carefully analyzing what each plant that composes it can do in the human body. So we have:

  • Chamomile:  Main ingredient of  sleepytime,  chamomile has the calming property. In some people, the plant can have a sedative effect, causing intense sleep. This negative effect can have even more serious consequences if this product is combined with the use of alcohol or other tranquilizers. It can also interfere with normal blood clotting as it has anticoagulant effects;
  • Capim-santo:  In addition to the tranquilizing effect, this plant has an antiseptic property. However, it can cause allergic reactions, mainly reaching the respiratory system. Thus, the patient may have problems breathing, chest pain, etc. Capim-sanjo is also considered a friend of women who feel strong cramps, as it has the ability to relieve them, facilitating the menstrual cycle. For this reason, it is not suitable for pregnant women;
  • Blackberry:  An important ingredient in the composition of this tea, the blackberry leaf can cause stomach irritation, causing the patient to vomit, feel nausea and other stomach discomforts;
  • Linden:  The tranquilizing effects present in the linden make this plant an essential ingredient in the production of  sleepytime. However, this same herb can cause cardiac changes, due to the potential for cardiotoxicity it has. Thus, it should be avoided by people who suffer from disorders involving the heart.

extra recommendation

Taking into account such information, sleepytime  tea  should only be consumed after a professional evaluation. Only a doctor is qualified to apply any medicine, whether natural or not. Remember: self-medication can be just as harmful as a lack of treatment.