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by Dianna Leon

The agar or simply agar is a hydrocolloid extracted from various species of red seaweed . It consists of a heterogeneous mixture of two polysaccharides: agarose and agaropectin. Its use has been around for a long time, it is believed that around 1650 it started in Japan, being widely used in oriental food and increasingly spreading among new adherents all over the world.

It has numerous properties , serving from detoxifying to moisturizing the skin (prevents wrinkles, leaves the skin smooth and soft). It is free of impurities as it is taken from the depths of the sea and is an extremely natural food that has gained increasing popularity. In Spain, for chefs it has already become a basic item and in Brazil it is beginning to spread in the gastronomic environment.

The gelatin is obtained from the boiling process of red algae and the benefits it can bring health are numerous. To start with, its frequent consumption is favorable for the proper functioning of the intestine, due to its 94.8% soluble fiber composition. Still regarding fibers, agar provides a feeling of satiety with only a minimal amount consumed, taking away hunger and helping to lose weight (another positive point is that its consumption prevents cellulite and post-slimming sagging).

And it is an interesting food option as it has practically no calories. It is considered a wild card in cooking, as the gelatine produced from the commercialized powder is ten times more gelling than conventional gelatines, without having to go to the refrigerator and without melting when at room temperature, being perfect to complement dessert dishes or even dishes savory.

The cost-effectiveness of agar-agar is also considerable, as despite having a higher price than conventional gelatine, it yields much more. A 100g sachet yields around 5.5 liters of gelatine, this package can be found in oriental products stores or even in some supermarkets.

How to prepare your tea

One of the ways to consume this seaweed are teas. Agar-agar infusions carry all the powers of the alga. Here’s a simple recipe below:


– One teaspoon of agar-agar

– A glass of warm water

Way of doing:

– Dissolve the powder in warm water and it will soon be ready.

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