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Northern buchinha tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

No one deserves that feeling of a congested respiratory system accompanied by headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms, right? If that’s the case for you, relax and get ready to breathe better again.

The Luffa operculata (buchinha) is a plant originating in South America and Brazilian native. It is a vine with an angular stem, simple or bifid tendrils, long and hairy. Its leaves are long-peciolate, heart-shaped or reniform, a little curly, angular or lobed, having from three to five lobes.

This plant has yellow, small, bell-shaped and axillary flowers. Its seeds are long, smooth, with regular margins and without wings. On the other hand, the fruits of the buchinha are ovoid, flaccid, small, frizzy and with timid ribs or spiny, serial protrusions.


In addition to the scientific name and the traditional title of “buchinha do Norte”, this plant is also known, among other names, as cabacinha, bucha-dos-paulistas, puga-de-joão-pais, zucchini-do-mato, zucchini-do-mato. north, bush purge, hunter’s bush, animal purge, endoço, fallopian purge, goat cape and northeastern bush.


The fruit of the northern buchinha is indicated as a strong ally in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, such as: sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, among other respiratory complications. In addition to its effectiveness against headaches, wounds, herpes and ascites.

medicinal properties

This plant is endowed with properties with anti-herpetic, expectorant, astringent, vermifuge and antiseptic action. Important: because the loofah is extremely toxic, it should only be used externally in inhalations.

Northern teak tea

The fruit is the part of the buchinha that is used as a medicinal herb, but it must be used externally by inhaling its tea, which must be done without the need to boil the water, as this effect can cause nose bleed.

Preparation: After peeling, remove the piece of fruit and immerse it in a container with a liter of water and leave for five days. Once this is done, one to two drops of liquid should be inhaled, in case of respiratory problems such as sinusitis, or even to clean herpes and/or skin sores.

Adverse effects and contraindications

Bleeding. Here is the main adverse effect that can be caused by the excessive use of the northern sponge and/or without medical indication. Its use is contraindicated for pregnant women and internally for anyone.

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