After the stressful marathon experienced by the couple during the preparations for the wedding party, all that matters is enjoying the honeymoon. A time to rest and start living, in fact, life together. In addition to dinners and romantic walks, the suggestion is to abuse the benefits of plants to enhance life for two. So, the suggestion is the preparation of teas to enjoy on your honeymoon.

Herbs and roots with an aphrodisiac effect, such as ginger, ginseng, nutmeg and cinnamon, added to the artifices that refer, right away, to love and passion, can be a surprising alternative for the couple. It’s also worth investing in creativity and making a presentation to match. This helps to create an atmosphere conducive to love. So, don’t waste time and check out the tips:

aphrodisiac tea


400 ml water
3 teaspoons SensualTea Sweet
70 ml vodka
30 ml passion fruit concentrate
1 tablespoon sugar
Freely crushed ice

preparation mode

Place the water and SensualTea Sweet over low heat for two minutes, stirring for two minutes. Allow to cool and then pass through a sieve. Using a shaker, add the tea, passion fruit concentrate, crushed ice and vodka. Shake until well blended.

To serve, use your creativity to decorate the cup. Use fresh fruit, such as mandala and strawberry, cut on the edge of the glass. For those who prefer the most spicy drink, the ideal is to add fresh ginger chips while preparing the infusion.

fresh rose petal tea


2 cups (of tea) of fresh rose petals
3 cups of filtered water
Sugar or honey to sweeten

preparation mode

Heat the water over the fire, then add the petals, letting it boil for five minutes. Then, using a sieve, strain the tea. To sweeten it, use honey or sugar. To decorate and help the mood, separate some petals and decorate the tray that will serve the tea, or just the saucer.

cardamom tea


2 grams of dried cardamom seeds
1 cup (tea) of water

Method of preparation

Boil the water, turn off the heat and then add the cardamom seeds. Keep muffled for 10 minutes, then strain and consume warm and unsweetened.

Cardamom tea cannot be consumed in excess as it can cause nausea and vomiting.