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Glucose Lowering Tea

by Dianna Leon

Glucose is a carbohydrate and one of the main sources of energy in the human body, being one of the products of photosynthesis. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, is responsible for ensuring the entry of glucose into cells, controlling the amount of carbohydrate in the blood and its entry into cells. When there is a dysfunction in the production and efficiency of the hormone insulin, the individual can develop diabetes.

Why does glucose increase?

Insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas, is needed for glucose to enter cells, providing energy for the body to function properly. When there is some dysfunction with insulin (lack of the hormone, when it does not work correctly or when it is being blocked), the glucose does not properly enter the cells and remains in the blood, which causes blood glucose.

The increase in blood sugar is called hyperglycemia, and is characterized by symptoms such as tiredness, blurred vision, increased urine volume, thirst and others.

When diagnosed with blood glucose levels higher than normal, the individual must take some action to reverse the condition, and there may be a need to take an insulin injection.

How to lower glucose?

To avoid blood glucose spikes, it is essential to pay attention to eating habits and include physical exercise in your routine. Getting enough sleep, avoiding sweets and stressful situations are also recommended measures to lower glucose.

There are those cases where blood glucose levels are not high enough to take medication. And in these cases, how to proceed? In addition to the measures described above, the individual can make use of a tea that promises to lower blood sugar levels.

Glucose Lowering Tea Recipe

This tea recipe uses three herbs that help control blood sugar levels. Here are some properties of the three herbs:

  • Paw of cow: Due to its medicinal properties, paw of cow stimulates the functioning of the pancreas, which helps to increase the production of insulin;
  • Soursop: In addition to helping to treat diabetes, soursop also helps reduce cholesterol and weight loss;
  • Purple Ipe: The medicinal properties of this plant have been proven by scientific studies.


– 1 tablespoon of cow’s shank;
– 1 tablespoon of soursop;
– 1 tablespoon of purple ipe;
– 1 liter of water.

Preparation mode:

Add the herbs and water to a medium-sized pot and bring to the heat. Once it comes to a boil, turn off the heat and keep sweltering for 10 minutes. After this period, strain the tea and ready, it will be ready to be consumed.

The dosage is three to four cups of warm or cold tea during the day.


This glucose-lowering tea is not a substitute for diabetes medication and the use of natural treatment should be discussed with your doctor.

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