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Teas for every moment of the day

by Dianna Leon

Tea is a drink rooted in Eastern culture for nearly five millennia, however, its consumption in the West is recent, after gaining popularity in Europe in the mid-16th and 17th centuries.

Some teas have the ability to soothe and others have beneficial properties that can be used to treat a variety of health conditions. But, did you know that the time you drink this drink can make all the difference in terms of its benefits? Check out below some of the best teas for every moment of the day.

morning teas

In the morning, it is recommended to consume a tea that increases energy and gives you more energy to go through the day. Black tea, for example, stimulates the production of brain neurotransmitters that give energy to our body.

A tip is to replace the coffee with an infusion that is also energetic. In order not to interfere with nutrient absorption, tea should be consumed about 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after breakfast.

Some of the herbs recommended to start the day are the following: cinnamon with ginger, green tea, black tea, mate tea and infusion of orange peel with cinnamon.

After lunch teas

Lunch is usually the heaviest meal of the day, and for this reason it’s a good idea to consume a digestive tea 30 minutes after a meal. Drinking a warm beverage can help the digestion process.

The most suitable teas for this time of day are: mint tea, lemon balm tea, jasmine tea, ginger tea, apple tea and boldo tea. Green tea can also be consumed after lunch, as it aids digestion and is a diuretic.

Evening tea

You may have heard of the famous “five o’clock tea” by the English, which is usually a mixture of milk and black tea, served very hot. Drinking tea in the late afternoon can help keep you going if you still need to do other activities, such as working out and working out. For this, the ideal is to opt for energetic herbs, but remember the time so that drinking does not interfere with the night’s sleep.

Two options suitable for afternoon tea are white tea and black tea with milk.

Teas to relax before bed

There are also those herbs that are excellent for relaxing and improving sleep and, therefore, are ideal at night, without interfering with productivity and aiding in a good night’s sleep.

Some of the recommended herbs for this moment are: chamomile tea, fennel tea, lemongrass tea and melissa tea.

Regularity of consumption

If, when consuming some tea, you are aiming to improve a certain health condition, you should observe regularity. To reach the goal, the tea should be taken for 30 to 120 days, at least three times a day.

Most teas must be consumed every day for the individual to notice an effect. According to research conducted at the University of Newcastle, daily consumption of green or black tea inhibits the production of brain enzymes related to memory loss. However, the benefits cease with the end of consumption of teas.

There are many teas that have scientifically proven therapeutic effectiveness. ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) created an ordinance with various plants and fruits that are recognized by traditional Brazilian medicine, with tea, or infusion, being one of the main ways to take advantage of its benefits for therapeutic purposes.

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