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Teas for muscle pain

by Dianna Leon

Muscle pain accompanies athletes, in addition to being caused by stress and tension. Very common, these pains cause many people to turn to chemical medicines that are strong without being aware that there are some herbs that, in the form of tea, can help relieve. Some herbs have therapeutic properties and are therefore effective in these cases. There are also some foods that help to fight pain, such as melon, grapes and lemon. Check below some tea recipes to treat muscle pain that we have separated for you.

Preparation of teas

Fennel tea

Fennel helps relieve stress and muscle tension and can be consumed regularly. To prepare, 5 g of fennel, 5 g of cinnamon stick and 5 g mustard seeds and set aside. Then, put in another container a liter of water, and bring to fire. Bring to a boil, then turn off the heat and pour the water into the previously reserved herbs. Cover the mixture and wait for it to warm. Then strain and consume. The tea can be consumed every day, and it has no risks or adverse effects.

bay tea

Laurel, in addition to being effective in poor digestion, also helps in the treatment of muscle pain, acting as a relaxant. To prepare tea, use a ratio of one tablespoon of bay leaves to each cup of water. In a container, place the leaves and set aside. In another, put the water and bring to the fire, waiting for it to boil, then pour it over the reserved bay leaves and cover, leaving it to warm. You can strain and sweeten it with honey, and always consume it before meals.

Carqueja tea

Carqueja has anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic and tonic properties, acting to reduce pain and reduce muscle contractions. To prepare it, use the proportion of 20 g of carqueja leaves for each liter of water. Put the leaves and water in a pan and allow it to come to a boil. When it reaches the boiling point, let it boil for approximately five minutes, then let it cool. Strain and consume the dose of four cups a day.

Other homemade recipes

In addition to teas, there are other homemade medicines that can help, such as bathing in ginger tea. This should be prepared with one tuber of ginger for every liter of water. In a container, pour the water and cut the ginger, bringing it to a boil. Strain afterwards and pour into a bathtub or basin. The tea can be used for an immersion bath, or in compresses applied to the affected area.

Another useful recipe is the juice of leeks, apples, carrots and ginger. To prepare, use a leek stalk, two apples, a carrot and 2 cm of ginger. Chop all the ingredients and place in a blender, beating until you get a smooth mixture. If the consistency is not too liquid, add a little water or a few ice cubes.

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