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Teas for rheumatism

by Dianna Leon

Rheumatism is a group of approximately 200 illnesses that affect both the muscles, tendons and joints, and generally affect people with some main symptoms, such as severe pain and difficulty in moving the affected areas.

The onset of rheumatism can be influenced by incorrect nutrition and rich in uric acid which, by accumulating in the muscles and joints, can destroy the body’s natural fluids that protect the membranes and, consequently, cause the pain of rheumatism.

To prevent rheumatism, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet. In treatment, as a way to help, in addition to alleviating symptoms, it is important to increase the amount of foods rich in vitamin B, which, according to studies, has the ability to retract the membranes of muscles and joints in order to relieve pain and restore the movements. There are also some natural ways to treat rheumatism through foods and teas that alleviate the symptoms.

Foods That Help Alleviate Rheumatism Symptoms

Among the foods that we can mention as beneficial in the treatment of symptoms of rheumatism, are watercress, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and watermelon. Some of these can be consumed in the form of juice. Cucumber juice should be taken with beets and carrots daily; lettuce, made from the stalks and leaves, every day before bed; tomato, should be consumed at least four times a week – this helps to eliminate excess uric acid.

Teas to fight symptoms of rheumatism

Horsetail tea

Horsetail tea can be made with three tablespoons of the following herbs: horsetail, dandelion and leather hat, for every liter of water. Boil all ingredients for about ten minutes and let stand covered for the same period. Strain and consume three cups of tea a day without sweetening.

marjoram tea

Made with the ratio of a teaspoon of marjoram to every cup of boiling water, the tea helps relieve symptoms due to the presence of essential oil and tannins. To prepare, place the marjoram leaves in a cup and set aside. Bring the water to the fire in another container and, when it comes to a boil, pour it over the reserved leaves. Cover, leaving it to rest for about ten minutes and then consume.

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