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Ulcer Treating Teas

by Dianna Leon

An ulcer is a problem that occurs in the stomach. It happens because of some bacteria that infect the organ, in some cases even stronger medications are needed for the treatment. The pain caused by it is felt in the abdomen and can also be triggered by various other everyday ailments such as stress, weak body defense system, excessive drinking and smoking.

How to avoid?

Symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, and a very uncomfortable pain in the stomach area. When the ulcer is in serious condition, the person may begin to lose weight quickly and blood in the stool begins to flow. The ideal is to avoid foods that have acids and are peppery. Hot food helps it to appear, how about blowing or waiting to cool down? This is simple and avoid complications in the future. Eat fruit, this becomes a great weapon for the immune system to fight bacteria and keep you vitamins and hydrated during ulcer treatment.

Teas that treat ulcers

Herbs have great medicinal power in the treatment of various diseases that affect the human body.

The tea of ​​​​espinheira-santa , just boil the herb with water and wait for it to cool down, after that, just strain and drink one to three glasses a day two hours after lunch and dinner.

The bitter leaf tea is made with wormwood, boldo, gorse, stomalina and dandelion. The method of preparation and consumption is similar to that of espinheira-santa.


It is not recommended to add sugar to teas that are used for medicinal purposes. In the case of treatment against ulcers, sugar can worsen even more and increase the symptoms and pain caused by the disease.

Want a tip? In addition to keeping your balanced diet and always varied with healthy foods, try to eat every three hours a day. Once this is done, your body will be nourished and protected at all times.

Medicinal plants are great allies in fighting diseases. But if symptoms persist, seek medical attention, as the ulcer may be a sign of stomach cancer.

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