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Hangover teas

by Dianna Leon

the hangoverit is considered a common consequence after a night of drinking. It is actually an intoxication that occurs when we drink too much alcohol; this intoxication happens because when we drink too much alcohol, our body becomes overloaded when trying to absorb and metabolize so much alcohol. The organs involved in this process end up suffering from it, especially the liver, as it is responsible for producing enzymes that absorb ethanol. The liver spends so much time processing alcohol over and over that when there is nothing else to process, it asks for “more”, generating an imbalance that disrupts our entire metabolism – with the “help” of the nervous system, which also enters into this abstinence . The consequences of this imbalance are: headache, dehydration, extreme tiredness, nausea anddiarrhea .

There is nothing that cures a hangover in the blink of an eye, but there are measures that can be taken to speed up the process of absorption and elimination of alcohol: drink more fluids (which obviously do not contain alcohol), such as coconut water, juices, water , soft drinks and sports drinks; painkillers, antacids, and histamines can help reduce discomfort; eat sweets, to replenish lost sugar. But there is another measure that can be adopted and it is efficient and natural: drinking some tea. Check out some that can help you ward off a hangover.

Teas for those with a hangover

  • Chamomile tea : Sweetened to replenish blood sugar is the best option. It will improve digestion and fight nausea.
  • Mint Tea : This delicious tea will aid in the digestive process and detoxify the body.
  • Ginger tea : It has an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying action, which, acting together, favors the elimination of alcohol from our body, curing hangovers faster.

How to prepare tea correctly: Always use cold, pure water; do not leave the water boiling for a long time, so as not to lose oxygen; tea should be placed in water as soon as boiling begins; rest for infusion should be, at most, 5 minutes; stir only once; do not use detergent to wash the teapots; before serving the tea, blanch the cup to be used in hot water; avoid using a lid or a damper, they make the tea stronger.

And remember: the best prevention for not getting a hangover is to avoid drinking excessively. Way to go with alcohol if you don’t want to have a hangover the next day. But if it still occurs, make some tea and rest.

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