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Teas to prevent gas

by Dianna Leon

Gases can be embarrassing when we’re around other people and it’s a very common problem. Caused by consumption of fatty and fiber-rich foods, in addition to antacids, fizzy drinks, sedentary lifestyle, constipation and others, the main symptoms that accompany intestinal gas are bloated stomach, flatulence, constipation, intestinal cramps and pain abdominals. It is essential to consume plenty of water throughout the day and avoid drinking sodas and other fizzy drinks. Milk and dairy products should also be avoided, as well as foods rich in carbohydrates.

Herbal Recipes

Consuming some medicinal herbs can help prevent the problem and alleviate its symptoms. Check out some recipes with these herbs.

Fennel tea with lemon balm

For each cup of water, use one tablespoon of lemongrass and one tablespoon of fennel. Put the herbs in a container, boil the water and add to the container where they were left. Cover and let it warm. Then strain and drink three to four cups a day. The tea should not be sweetened as it can cause the opposite effects.

Fennel and lemon balm have medicinal properties that reduce the concentration of gas in the intestine, in addition to helping to combat constipation.

fennel seed tea

For every cup of water, use a teaspoon of the fennel fruit or seed. Boil the water and then turn off the heat. Add seeds, cover and leave for ten minutes. After the period, strain and consume warm.

green tea and white tea

Green tea, found in pharmacies and markets, has manganese, potassium, folic acid and several vitamins, in addition to detoxifying, speeding up metabolism and improving intestinal transit, one of those responsible for the problem with gas. White tea is taken from the same plant as green tea, so it has the same properties. However, some are stronger in it.

arugula juice

Arugula tea can be used for stomach upset. For its preparation, use two arugula leaves for each cup of water. Wash the arugula leaves well and place them with water in a blender. Beat well, strain and drink.

Avocado leaf tea

For each liter of water, you should use 30g of dried avocado leaves. Put the leaves in a container, add water and heat. When it comes to a boil, leave it for another five minutes and then turn off the heat. Wait for it to warm, strain and drink. The ideal is to drink a cup every hour, until you observe improvement in symptoms.

It is also necessary to warn that the use of teas does not exclude the need to go to the doctor for a correct diagnosis. The recipes only help to relieve symptoms and eliminate gas.

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