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Teas to aid digestion

by Dianna Leon


Who has never gone through the situation of repeating the dish because it is the one you like the most, and ended up with a super malaise afterwards? This happens often and I bet everyone has been through it at some point. Therefore, today we have selected some teas that help with digestion, dissolving fats and reducing gas formation.


White tea

White tea helps to detoxify the body, helping to eliminate everything that is causing harm. In addition, it deflates, speeds up metabolism and, as a bonus, has a delicious and smooth taste. Green tea, made from the same herb but with different processes, also has the same functions.

Boldo tea

Known by many to be a bitter tea, boldo tea, also known as boldo-do-chile, acts as an excellent natural remedy for the treatment of digestive and liver problems. However, it is necessary to be careful, as this tea should not be consumed by pregnant women as it can be harmful to the baby. Try to have a cup of tea after meals, as this will be enough to aid digestion.

basil tea

Basil tea has properties that help to treat stomach and bowel problems. Helps to eliminate gas, prevent gastritis, heartburn and vomiting. It can also help treat the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and burning after eating something that didn’t feel right.

rosemary tea

Rosemary tea has in its composition some substances that are responsible for protecting the stomach wall. In addition, they speed up digestion and help eliminate headaches caused by bad foods. However, pregnant women should not, under any circumstances, consume this tea.

sage tea

Sage is an herb that has beneficial properties for the digestive system. Its substances stimulate the production of enzymes that are part of digestion, mainly in the stomach. This herb, however, should not be consumed by pregnant women.

mint tea

Mint tea contains menthol, an active ingredient that helps to speed up digestion and relieve pain caused by poor diet, such as intestinal cramps, due to its action as an analgesic.

chamomile tea

Known to many, the chamomile plant is widely used to relieve stomach pain and intestinal cramps. It has anti-inflammatory properties and, therefore, helps to prevent stomach problems such as gastritis and ulcers.


In general, teas can be harmful when used in excess, so always seek guidance and, when drinking teas at home, try to vary the herbs used and never substitute water consumption for teas. It is essential that pregnant women ask their doctor about all the teas they can take, as some herbs may have abortive properties.

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