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The benefits of macaé tea

by Dianna Leon

Leonurus sibiricus or macaé, is born in any region and can even be camouflaged in the middle of so many bushes. The origins are related to Siberia and China, but with the healing power of the plant, it was disseminated all over the world. In Brazil, although not in all regions, it can be found in most of them, in Rio de Janeiro and in the interior of Minhas Gerais, for example.

There are several names that are used to define the plan, and all of them are related to the functionalities of the plan. For this reason, it is named after joão slim, marroio, quinino dos pooros, slim mané, lavantina, mané-turé, rubim, pau-para-tudo or cure-all.

Physical characteristics of the plant

The macaé has erect stems and a robust posture, the flowers are reborn annually and have a purple color, while the seeds are propagated in spring. It is found in areas where the earth is moist and in places where the solar incidence is quite high.

Macae Properties

Its properties had been known by the Indians for several years and, therefore, were used to help cure certain diseases that affected communities. Among its capabilities, we can mention:

  • Eupeptic;
  • Anti-rheumatic;
  • Febrifuge;
  • Stomach.

Macaé in the prevention and cure of diseases

Because it is rich in some nutrients, macaé is used to treat problems that affect the stomach, intestines, lungs, uterus, bones and muscles. Its “cure everything” reputation comes from its ability to be a potent agent for many ailments.

The tea produced with the plant’s flowers reduces vomiting, reduces the effects of poor digestion and eliminates toxins. It cures diarrhea, especially those that affect children. In addition to combating other stomach and intestinal problems, and other situations related to the digestive system, such as halitosis, popularly known as bad breath.

Flowers also have properties that stimulate blood circulation and the uterus, regulating menstruation. It is considered a female-friendly agent as it treats painful and excessive menstrual flow and decreases postpartum bleeding.

However, the benefits do not stop there. Macaé is effective against bacterial and fungal infections. Cures edema, kidney stones, eczema, and abscesses. In addition to being active in natural weight loss.

It can be used to eliminate phlegm with coughs or illnesses such as whooping cough. It reduces fever and controls caused by rheumatism.

Preparing Macaé Tea

All the benefits mentioned can be acquired with the ingestion of tea produced with macaé. To prepare it, just put two tablespoons of flowers or herb leaves, to a liter of water used. Put the mixture on the fire and when the water comes to a boil, turn it off.

Leave the solution capped for 10 minutes, then strain and drink. It is recommended to drink two to three cups of tea a day, at times chosen by you. The only contraindication is the use of this tea by pregnant women, which cannot be done.

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