Preparing tea is an ancient art that came from the east, but very present in western culture. Next, learn how teas can have a stronger flavor using foolproof rules.

The ideal filter

In order for the herb leaves to perform at their best, it is important to have a good filter. Some teapots already have an integrated filter, either metal or clay, however it is possible to purchase your own separately. When opting for the last option, choose the stainless steel removable ones that can fit the teapot. Avoid the metallic balls and spoons that make it difficult for the leaves to expand in the water, but if you can’t find the right filter, buy disposable filters made from chlorine-free paper.


As important as the herbs you choose, the quality of the water will directly influence the flavor of the tea. Always prefer filtered water with a neutral flavor and never let it boil completely. Bear in mind that for each type of tea there is an ideal temperature, for example green tea, which should be brewed in water at 60 to 75°C.

Infusion time

Knowing the ideal time for each type of tea is essential. To avoid mistakes, carefully read the instructions on the herb package and follow as it says. If you are going to make a green tea, for example, its time to brew is 2-3 minutes, but if you want to make black tea, it must be brewed for 3 to 5 minutes.

extra flavor

An interesting tip to enhance the flavor of teas is to place apple peels in a wooden box used to store tea leaves. That way these leaves will acquire a different flavor. Once ready, the tea goes very well with a dash of cinnamon.

Tip: Don’t wash the teapot! Just run hot water and let it air dry.

bag teas

If you prefer the practicality of bag teas, invest in well-known brands and follow the preparation instructions indicated by the manufacturer. A tip is to heat the cup before receiving the bag and the water, just using a little hot water to clean it before preparing the tea.