Do you know what the roundworm herb is for ? Belonging to the Loganiaceae family, this is a species used in natural medicine to solve some health problems. However, including it in the treatment schedule can pose a health risk. That is why it is important that the doctor is consulted.

The plant is easily found in Brazilian territory, from the Amazon to São Paulo. Depending on the region, it may be known by other names, such as arapabaca, arapabaca-de-cheiro and ant-herb

The wormwood herb has a simple stem with many branches, spear-shaped leaves, with hairs on the upper side. As for its flowers, they are in the shape of small spikes, which are purple in color.

What is the wormwood tea for what?

The plant is used due to its laxative and insecticidal effects , the first being the one that applies to human consumption.

It works in the prevention and treatment of worm problems . However, its use is very thorough and can even trigger atypical reactions in the body.

How to make roundworm herb tea

To prepare roundworm herb tea you will need 200 ml of filtered water and 1 gram of dried herb . The first step is to bring the water to a boil. Once it reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat and add the herb. Leave the container capped for about five minutes.

After that time, just use a sieve to separate the herb from the liquid. Then the tea is ready to drink.

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Before including the tea of ​​​​the roundworm herb to solve any health problem, it is essential that the doctor is consulted.

Because, in very high doses (above three grams), the plant can cause vomiting and convulsions in the patient. Pregnant or nursing women should not consume herb tea.