The habit of drinking tea is very positive for health and even better in summer, when refreshing options take over our diets. Check out some herbal suggestions for refreshing teas that will hydrate your body , do your body good and relieve stress .

Oh and it’s important to remember that teas in bags or sold in cans do not contain the same amount of benefits as teas made by hand. So, on the hottest and hottest days, it’s worth betting on fresh herbs .

You can find most of the herbs listed below at street markets, markets and specialty stores.

refreshing teas

Oolong and jasmine iced tea

For those of you who like the taste of vanilla, this herb is ideal. Jasmine is used to add a floral touch to the drink. You can sweeten it with vanilla sugar. It is not very common to make infusions with oolong, but it is widely used as the base plant for all Camellia sinensis teas.

Iced black tea with anise, cardamom and condensed milk

This option brings all the benefits of typical Thai black tea. To sweeten it, you can use sugar, honey, coconut milk or condensed milk and for a special touch use anise and cardamom.

Iced tea with mint

Another delicious tip that could not be missed is the mint tea. Everyone knows that its aroma is beyond refreshing, but what you need to understand is that it provides benefits such as: it optimizes digestion, protects cognition, improves mood and fights cholesterol, as it is an excellent and powerful antioxidant.

Iced tea with plum and rosemary

You can add ice cubes to make it more refreshing and delicious. For this tea, the main ingredients are plum and rosemary and its base will be lemon. To sweeten it, use honey.

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peach iced tea

Try this delight with other lemon, mint and orange side dishes. The mix of flavors will surprise you.

Mango iced tea

A very different iced tea that you might like a lot is mango. In addition to the typical color of the fruit, mixing it with mint tea will add a special touch to the drink and make it even more refreshing.

Iced basil and cinnamon tea

Here’s another option for a practical and super tasty tea. Make a traditional cinnamon tea with basil. Once cold, strain and blend it in a blender with frozen strawberries. The mixture will be very refreshing, healthy and tasty.