Everyone likes to have a delicious tea, don’t they? But if you still throw the tea bags in the trash after drinking, you can stop there! Those bags can be reused in various everyday things, facilitating some everyday tasks. Check out:

stain removal

The bathroom tiles start to get stained after a while, right? Just use the used tea bags, leaving them wet in contact with the stains for a few minutes. But remember, the worse the stain is, the longer you should leave the bag.

carpet odor

For this case, use dry tea leaves, or dry bags. When the rug starts to smell bad due to the presence of animals, children dropping food, or even the unstable weather, put some leaves on top of it, and let it rest for a few minutes.

Then just remove and use the vacuum to remove the nieces that were and that’s it, the smell will be softened.

clean mirrors and glass

To clean mirrors and glass, make a cup of tea with one or two used tea bags, and then use the mixture to clean the mirrors in the house. This can be used on cups, windows and any glass or mirror surfaces.

Sneeze with the help of a spray bottle and wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth to dry.

Land Fertilization for Plants

To make your plants strong with beautiful flowers, use tea to make an excellent nitrogen-rich fertilizer. To do this, put some tea bags used in the earth, but if you don’t like the way they look in the garden, tear the bag and place only the contents inside the bag. You can also use dried tea leaves, which will also have the same effect.

polish the wood

Spread the contents of the tea bags on the wooden surfaces that you want to shine and, with the help of a dry cloth, rub. Then just remove the contents of the bags.

dish degreaser

Fill a container with hot water and add some used tea bags. Then place the dirty dishes you want to remove the grease in this container and let it soak. This procedure can also be useful for cleaning plumbing.

Tea bags to remove bad smell

In addition to the rug, tea bags can be used to remove bad smells from many things. You can, for example, add the contents of the bags to cat litter to remove the smell of urine, or even inside the refrigerator as a way to neutralize odors.

In garbage cans, it also helps to prevent odors, as well as inside shoes, as a means of prevention and neutralization. But be careful, for shoes and clothes, use the dry bag. For closets, bedroom and kitchen, hang the bags in inconspicuous places.

It can also be useful to remove the smell of garlic, onions or fish on your hands. To do this, just rub your hands with the contents of the bags and rinse normally.