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mustard seed tea

by Dianna Leon
mustard seed tea

Since the dawn of mankind, the mustard seedit was already used by our ancestors in food or for cures of various diseases. With its spicy flavor and aroma very pleasant to the nose, this type of seed can be part of anyone’s daily menu and can be added to salads, sauces, preparation of meat, seafood, poultry or soups, in addition to of sandwiches. Still talking about the myriad ways to consume mustard seed, it can also be ground and used as seasoning for a variety of foods. As far as medicine is concerned, some believe that its tea can be quite effective in curing and alleviating symptoms of physical problems such as back or muscle pain, respiratory diseases such as stuffy nose and asthma, reduces arthritis symptoms and drastically reduce unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

The mustard seed, for those who don’t know, are rich in selenium and magnesium in its chemical composition, both bring to this seed the anti-inflammatory and accelerating benefits of the bowel function, making the individual who consumes it lose calories through these own effects of mustard. Soon, this product has become the newest darling of those who diet and want to shed extra pounds.


Different facts about mustard seed

  • The Egyptian people use this seed to cure various respiratory problems.
  • Among the vitamins present in the chemical complex of the seed, there are vitamins A (responsible for the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes) and B (largely responsible for metabolism).
  • Among the various properties , you can also find omega-3, fatty acids, iron, calcium and zinc in its composition.
  • There are enzymes in mustard seeds that prevent cancer cells from developing.

Specialties tea


Mix fennel, cinnamon and mustard seed in equal portions in water. Boil and it’s ready. Drink this tea every day. It can be made at home or even purchased at supermarkets in sachets that already have the mixture ready.

It promises to help combat pain due to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory power present in tea, preventing the development of an enzyme that is part of the inflammation process of muscles and tissues, which causes pain. In men, it usually takes effect faster. In women, its effects can be noticed within three months of continuous use.

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