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Barley tea – Benefits and properties

by Dianna Leon

Barley is known by many to be the basic element in brewing beer, however, the same grain used for this purpose can be used to make a tea that has several benefits for the skin. The tea, very common and popular in Japan and Korea, can be drunk cold, and is even considered a typical summer drink. However, its consumption can also be made hot.

Properties and benefits

According to some studies, tea helps to remove impurities from the blood and, furthermore, in traditional Chinese medicine, it is used as a stress reducer and natural tranquilizer . The tea is also effective in preventing cancer, as it has nutrients that prevent diseases that depend on hormones, such as prostate and breast cancer. It has an antioxidant action, preventing damage to cells that can be transformed into cancer cells. Also due to antioxidants, tea combats premature aging of the skin, helping to improve tone and keep it hydrated.

With antibacterial properties, the tea helps fight and inhibit the development of bacteria such as streptococci – this causes tooth decay. Drinking tea also helps to improve blood fluidity, keeping blood circulation healthy. It can act, due to this benefit, in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Because it is rich in selenium, tea made from barley is still effective in keeping the prostate healthy and fighting prostate cancer. Selenium, moreover, plays an essential role in male reproduction. Due to the presence of the amino acid tryptophan and melatonin, tea helps promote healthy and quality sleep, helping to fight stress, worry and sleep disorders. This is also effective due to the lack of caffeine present in most teas.

Other benefits

Barley itself has many health benefits, helping to hydrate and regenerate skin cells. In addition, it acts as a diuretic, has a digestive effect and can be used in treatments such as peeling that aims tolighten the skin , in addition to hydration that reduces fluid retention.

Contraindications and side effects

Consumption is free for everyone, including the elderly and children, as it does not have caffeine. No contraindications or side effects were found in the consulted literature.

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